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Pleasure Grounds of Death

The Rural Cemetery in Nineteenth-Century America

Revealing how landscapes dedicated to the perpetual care of the dead mirrored the transformations and conflicts of the nineteenth century in American society

Corpse Crusaders

The Zombie in American Comics

Uncovering the undead stalking the panels of action/adventure and superhero comics

Performing the Greek Crisis

Navigating National Identity in the Age of Austerity

Examining how changes in dance amid the Greek financial crisis altered perceptions and discourses of Greece’s culture and national identity

Chasing Greatness

On Russia's Discursive Interaction with the West over the Past Millennium

How a millennia idealizing political greatness has affected Russia

Seeking a Future for the Past

Space, Power, and Heritage in a Chinese City

An ethnography that illuminates the political economy of urbanization in contemporary China

Poetry, History, Memory

Wang Jingwei and China in Dark Times

The first comprehensive biography of  Wang Jingwei, a poet, politician, and the most controversial figure in modern Chinese history

Communicating the Other across Cultures

From Othering as Equipment for Living, to Communicating Other/Wise

Exposes how we have constructed and marginalized the Other across cultures, and suggests creative global solutions for inclusive multiculturalism

Reimagining the Educated Citizen

Creole Pedagogies in the Transatlantic World, 1685-1896

A radical egalitarian vision of the transatlantic, creole roots of American public education

Life, Earth, Colony

Friedrich Ratzel's Necropolitical Geography

A critical exploration of Friedrich Ratzel and the relationship between colonial and fascist necropolitics

Between Sahara and Sea

Africa in the Roman Empire

David Mattingly’s long-awaited book on North Africa and the Romans

Writing Imperial History

Tacitus from Agricola to Annales

Analyzes how Tacitus contributed to our current understanding of history and reveals the themes that permeated his writing

Ethnic Drag

Performing Race, Nation, Sexuality in West Germany

An exploration of the West German attempt to repress and refashion concepts of "race" after the Holocaust

Lucian’s Laughing Gods

Religion, Philosophy, and Popular Culture in the Roman East

The first English-language monograph about religion and Lucian of Samosata

Minor Salvage

The Korean War and Korean American Life Writings

Explores the forgotten archives and life writings of Korean War refugees

African Students in East Germany, 1949-1975

Describes the lived experiences of African students in communist East Germany to shed new light on the history of Germany, Africa, and decolonization

The Apocalypse in Reformation Nuremberg

Jews and Turks in Andreas Osiander's World

Illuminates the impact of Jews and Turks on the life and work of influential reformer Andreas Osiander

The Apocalypse in Reformation Nuremberg

Jews and Turks in Andreas Osiander’s World

Illuminates the impact of Jews and Turks on the life and work of influential reformer Andreas Osiander

Righteous Revolutionaries

Morality, Mobilization, and Violence in the Making of the Chinese State

A reexamination of one of the most violent and successful state-building efforts in history

Blind in Early Modern Japan

Disability, Medicine, and Identity

A history of the blind in Japan that challenges contemporary notions of disability

The Evolution of Settlement Systems in the Region of Vohémar, Northeast Madagascar

In this monograph, Henry T. Wright reports on the results of a four-year archaeological survey on the northeast coast of Madagascar, near the town of Vohémar. Researchers found evidence of a roughly 600-year-old port site; early estuarine villages of the 7th and 8th centuries; and a rock shelter with microlithic tools.