Eastern European Studies

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The Dilemma of Compliance

Political Parties and Post-Election Disputes

Exploring the causes and consequences of post-election disputes

First Nationalism Then Identity

On Bosnian Muslims and Their Bosniak Identity

Understanding the relationship between nationalism and identity, through a native European Muslim group

The Philosophy of Parochialism

Originally published as Filosofija Palanke

Available for the first time in English—an essay with important insights on the sources of totalitarianism, intolerance, and racism

The Distinction of Peace

A Social Analysis of Peacebuilding

Investigates both the creation of the peacebuilding field and what the field reveals about global relations

Transnational Capitalism in East Central Europe's Heavy Industry

From Flagship Enterprises to Subsidiaries

An examination of the post-communism reform of state enterprises that reveals the political dynamics of privatization

Envisioning Socialism

Television and the Cold War in the German Democratic Republic

The first examination in English of East German television during the early Cold War

Africa in Translation

A History of Colonial Linguistics in Germany and Beyond, 1814-1945

A strong and thoughtful study of Afrikanistik's role in the construction of racialist knowledge in Germany

Tax Politics in Eastern Europe

Globalization, Regional Integration, and the Democratic Compromise

Fundamental shifts in Eastern European tax policy

Embedded Politics

Industrial Networks and Institutional Change in Postcommunism

An empirical analysis of changing industrial processes in the postcommunist Czech Republic

Rebellious Civil Society

Popular Protest and Democratic Consolidation in Poland, 1989-1993

An analysis of the role of protest movements in Poland after the fall of communism

Market Dreams

Gender, Class, and Capitalism in the Czech Republic

How have women experienced the transition from socialism to market economy in Eastern Europe?

After Independence

Making and Protecting the Nation in Postcolonial and Postcommunist States

What happens to nationalism after independence is achieved?

Neither German nor Pole

Catholicism and National Indifference in a Central European Borderland

A unique study of the importance of religious identification in a multi-national region

Solidarity's Secret

The Women Who Defeated Communism in Poland

The first book to document women's crucial role in the fall of Poland's communist regime

When Ethnicity Did Not Matter in the Balkans

A Study of Identity in Pre-Nationalist Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slavonia in the Medieval and Early-Modern Periods

A magisterial analysis showing the complexity of pre-national identity in Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slavonia

East Central and Eastern Europe in the Early Middle Ages

Studies on the history and archaeology of Eastern Europe during the early Middle Ages

Barrier of a Common Language

An American Looks at Contemporary British Poetry

The latest offering in the Poets on Poetry series from the acclaimed poet, critic, and current chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

The Metaphysician in the Dark

From one of America's foremost contemporary poets, a scintillating, surprising collection of essays on everything from poetry and art to the fine art of sausage-making

A Fly in the Soup


The coming-of-age of one of America's best-loved poets, from his childhood in war-torn Yugoslavia to his bohemian years in New York City

The Evolution of Agrarian Institutions

A Comparative Study of Post-Socialist Hungary and Bulgaria

An examination of why private farming in the transition economies of East-Central Europe has not grown as quickly as expected