Political History

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From Kosovo to Darfur

The Regional Biases within Humanitarian Military Interventionism

Exploring the past, present, and future of military humanitarianism

Decisiveness and Fear of Disorder

Political Decision-Making in Times of Crisis

Examines how the need to appear decisive becomes the paramount consideration for politicians in crisis situations

Presidential Accountability in Wartime

President Bush, the Treatment of Detainees, and the Laws of War

Examines how and why holding US presidents accountable for war crimes is an obligatory but impossible task in the American constitutional system

Book of the Disappeared

The Quest for Transnational Justice

A unique and timely publication, for advocates, academics, and practitioners, providing invaluable insight into the plight of the disappeared

Warping Time

How Contending Political Forces Manipulate the Past, Present, and Future

Time is a powerful political tool

While Waiting for Rain

Community, Economy, and Law in a Time of Change

How innovation will save the United States—and Buffalo—from economic decline

Righteous Revolutionaries

Morality, Mobilization, and Violence in the Making of the Chinese State

A reexamination of one of the most violent and successful state-building efforts in history

Home Field Advantage

Roots, Reelection, and Representation in the Modern Congress

Investigates the effects of legislators’ local roots on congressional campaigns, elections, and representation

The Development of Political Institutions

Power, Legitimacy, Democracy

Human motivation and historical influence in political development

Fragile Dreams

Tales of Liberalism and Power in Central Europe

A highly readable account of Central Europe’s experience after communism

The Silent Guns of Two Octobers

Kennedy and Khrushchev Play the Double Game

New Edition, Updated

Far from the brink

Physical Space and Spatiality in Muslim Societies

Notes on the Social Production of Cities

The conscious construction of urban space

War and Rights

The Impact of War on Political and Civil Rights

Long wars foster democratic freedom in strong states

Informing a Nation

The Newspaper Presidency of Thomas Jefferson

How a dynamic, controversially elected president used the media to promote his image and policies

Founding Factions

How Majorities Shifted and Aligned to Shape the U.S. Constitution

Coalition, not compromise, framed the Constitution

Power over Property

The Political Economy of Communist Land Reform in China

Provides an alternative to both capitalist and communist conceptions of modern historical development based on relations to property

The Silent Guns of Two Octobers

Kennedy and Khrushchev Play the Double Game

Far from the brink

Keeping Hold of Justice

Encounters between Law and Colonialism

Colonialism is a structural injustice embedded in law; what possibilities for justice remain?

An Independent Empire

Diplomacy & War in the Making of the United States

How the United States used methods of imperial diplomacy to recast itself into a global juggernaut

The Shape of Populism

Serbia before the Dissolution of Yugoslavia

Explores how elites help form constructed notions of “the people,” using the case study of socialist Serbia in the late 1980s.

Concepts of International Relations, for Students and Other Smarties

An engaging and sophisticated new IR text that will inspire a new generation of scholars and practitioners

The Harvest of American Racism

The Political Meaning of Violence in the Summer of 1967

In print for the first time--the document that the Kerner Commission did not want to see released