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Ancient Bovillae

History, Art, and Archaeology of a Lost City in the Roman Hinterland

The first comprehensive study in English of the ancient Roman city and its decline

Roman Decorative Stone Collections in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

A visual and historical guide to North America’s largest collection of Roman marble artifacts

Between Sahara and Sea

Africa in the Roman Empire

David Mattingly’s long-awaited book on North Africa and the Romans


The Sculpture and Furnishings in Stone and Marble

Surveys the beautiful but functional marbles from Roman Cosa

Roman Artists, Patrons, and Public Consumption

Familiar Works Reconsidered

A fascinating shift toward more nuanced interpretations of Roman art that look at different kinds of social knowledge and local contexts

The Roman Community at Table during the Principate, New and Expanded Edition

New and expanded edition

A significantly updated examination of public feasts in the Rome empire—now available in paper

Memoria Romana

Memory in Rome and Rome in Memory

An illumination of memory-the defining aspect of Roman civilization

Exploring the Kingdom of Saturn

Kircher's Latium and Its Legacy

Investigating Latium, Athanasius Kircher's 1671 study of the area around Rome

Roman Republican Villas

Architecture, Context, and Ideology

Multidisciplinary essays on early villa culture and architecture in Republican Italy

The Earliest Romans

A Character Sketch

An inviting exploration of Rome's founding centuries

Roman Art in the Private Sphere

New Perspectives on the Architecture and Decor of the Domus, Villa, and Insula

2nd Edition

An exploration of the relation between domestic Roman art and its social milieu, now with an updated introduction

Life, Death, and Entertainment in the Roman Empire

New and expanded edition

A lively survey for the nonspecialist, with new essays and a new appendix of translated documents

Pompeii's Living Statues

Ancient Roman Lives Stolen from Death

An intriguing look at contemporary views regarding the casts of victims from Mt. Vesuvius' eruption

Symbols of Wealth and Power

Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C.

The new definitive text on Etruscan terra-cottas

Excavations in the Area Sacra of Vesta (1987-1996)

The definitive work on the excavation of the Temple of Vesta

Role Models in the Roman World

Identity and Assimilation

An inter-disciplinary examination of the use of role models in articulating social and cultural identities in the Roman world

The Maritime World of Ancient Rome

An exploration of new research on subjects relating to the maritime life of Rome and its vast empire


The Black-Glaze Pottery 2

New and reconsidered black-glaze pottery from the Roman Republican colony of Cosa

The Learned Collector

Mythological Statuettes and Classical Taste in Late Antique Gaul

The first empire-wide study to examine the eclectic marble statuettes collected and displayed by the wealthiest Roman aristocrats

The Roman Community at Table during the Principate

An examination of eating in its public context in the Roman world

The Economy of Prostitution in the Roman World

A Study of Social History and the Brothel

An in-depth study of the different venues for the sale of sex in the Roman world

Cosa V

An Intermittent Town, Excavations 1991-1997

A presentation of seven years' archaeological excavation, research, and analysis of the site of Cosa