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Fantasies of Ito Michio

Chronicles Ito Michio’s career and explores how fantasy sustains a life disrupted by war, racialization, and imperialism

Dancing with the Modernist City

Metropolitan Dance Texts around 1900

Combining urban experiences and modern dance to develop metropolitan dance texts

Performing the Greek Crisis

Navigating National Identity in the Age of Austerity

Examining how changes in dance amid the Greek financial crisis altered perceptions and discourses of Greece’s culture and national identity

Kinethic California

Dancing Funk and Disco Era Kinships

Explores the making of black social and vernacular dance in the 1970s, precursor to today’s global hip hop/streetdance culture

Inhabiting the Impossible

Dance and Experimentation in Puerto Rico

Artists and scholars celebrate the development, diversity, and ethics of Puerto Rican experimental dance

The Persistence of Dance

Choreography as Concept and Material in Contemporary Art

Exploring museum-based choreography as a contemporary art medium

Democracy Moving

Bill T. Jones, Contemporary American Performance, and the Racial Past

Explores the potential of movement to create and revise historical narratives of race and nation

Moving Islands

Contemporary Performance and the Global Pacific

A pathbreaking exploration of the international and intercultural connections within Oceanian performance

The Body in Crisis

New Pathways and Short Circuits in Representation

Foreword by Cristina Fernandes Rosa, Translated by Christopher Larkosh and Grace Holleran

A major theoretical work by Brazilian dance scholar Christine Greiner explores the political relevance of bodily arts in the age of neoliberal globalization

Queer Nightlife

Evocative essays and interviews that celebrate the expressive possibilities of a world after dark

Marking Modern Movement

Dance and Gender in the Visual Imagery of the Weimar Republic

The dynamics between gender and body in Weimar Germany explored through images and case studies

Corporeal Politics

Dancing East Asia

The political power of performing bodies

The Bodies of Others

Drag Dances and Their Afterlives

The first book-length exploration of drag dance in the U.S.


Essays on Performance and Its Documentation

Explores the relationship between the documentation of a live performance and the audience’s experience of it

Latin Numbers

Playing Latino in Twentieth-Century U.S. Popular Performance

From the conga line to West Side Story to Ricky Martin, how popular performance prompted American audiences to view Latinos as a distinct (and distinctly non-white) ethnic group

Butch Queens Up in Pumps

Gender, Performance, and Ballroom Culture in Detroit

20 years after Paris Is Burning, a rare look at Ballroom culture—from the inside

Performing Queer Latinidad

Dance, Sexuality, Politics

The place of performance in unifying an urban LGBT population of diverse Latin American descent

Rebel Dance, Renegade Stance

Timba Music and Black Identity in Cuba

An ethnography of music and dance exploring the economic, social, and ideological constraints under which social classes and racial groups interact

Physical Expression and the Performing Artist

Moving Beyond the Plateau

Fundamentals of movement for actors, conductors, musicians, yogis . . . and everyone else

I Want to Be Ready

Improvised Dance as a Practice of Freedom

A conceptual framework for understanding the development of improvised dance in late 20th-century America

Bodies in Commotion

Disability and Performance

The first collection to explore the lively intersection of performance studies and disability studies, provoking new ways of looking at body, space, spectatorship, and identity

Analyzing Performance

Theater, Dance, and Film

An indispensable guide for the study of performance, by France's leading theater critic, now available in English

Subversive Expectations

Performance Art and Paratheater in New York, 1976-85

A prescient critic's chronicle of the rise of performance artists Whoopi Goldberg, Spalding Gray, Laurie Anderson, and Tim Miller, among others.