International Relations

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From Kosovo to Darfur

The Regional Biases within Humanitarian Military Interventionism

Exploring the past, present, and future of military humanitarianism

No Peer Rivals

American Grand Strategy in the Era of Great Power Competition

A new realist grand strategy for the U.S. to maintain its sole superpower status

Cosmopolitan Imaginaries and International Disorder

Exploring why attempts to construct a cosmopolitan order tend to be followed by greater forces of division and disorder

The International Politics of Communication

Representing Community in a Globalizing World

Revealing the constant communication that affects politics around the world

The Community of Nuchi Du Takara ("Life Is the Ultimate Treasure") in Postwar Okinawa

Local Subjectivity within and against Empire

Explores the conflict between Okinawans and the post-WWII US-Japan military alliance through the concept of nuchi du takara

Expedition Escape from the Classroom

Political Outings on the Campus and the Anxiety of Teaching IR

Breaking out of the classroom to explore how international relations manifest on campus

Turbulence Across the Sea

Transatlantic Relations and Strategic Competition

How power struggles are shifting security on both sides of the Atlantic

The Dynamics of European Integration

Causes and Consequences of Institutional Choices

Examines how certain policy models can work within the context of dissensus and polarization in Europe while still promoting solidarity and trust in the European Union

Chasing Greatness

On Russia's Discursive Interaction with the West over the Past Millennium

How a millennia idealizing political greatness has affected Russia

Greenland in Arctic Security

(De)securitization Dynamics under Climatic Thaw and Geopolitical Freeze

How a nation at the center of the Arctic region fits into security studies

Communicating the Other across Cultures

From Othering as Equipment for Living, to Communicating Other/Wise

Exposes how we have constructed and marginalized the Other across cultures, and suggests creative global solutions for inclusive multiculturalism

Security. Cooperation. Governance.

The Canada-United States Open Border Paradox

Reveals Canada–US border and security policies vary drastically depending on regional needs

Making Endless War

The Vietnam and Arab-Israeli Conflicts in the History of International Law

How two conflicts have shaped the relationship between law and war since 1945

Book of the Disappeared

The Quest for Transnational Justice

A unique and timely publication, for advocates, academics, and practitioners, providing invaluable insight into the plight of the disappeared

Ghosts in the Neighborhood

Why Japan Is Haunted by Its Past and Germany Is Not

Uneasy neighbors

India as Kingmaker

Status Quo or Revisionist Power

Predicting India’s future global influence

Turkey and the Kurdish Peace Process

Actors, Issues, and Context

The Kurdish peace process represents a major shift in theoretical and practical approaches to peace studies

International Security in a World of Fragile States

Islamic States and Islamist Organizations

Fragile states are laboratories for Islamist terror groups

Power of Freedom

Hu Shih's Political Writings

Collection of several previously unpublished works from one of China’s most important scholars in the 20th century

Complex Rivalry

The Dynamics of India-Pakistan Conflict

A new model to understand the India–Pakistan rivalry

The Passion of International Leadership

How Emotions Shape Transatlantic Cooperation

How policymakers use the power of their convictions to lead in international relations

The United States and International Law

Paradoxes of Support across Contemporary Issues

Why U.S. support for international law is so inconsistent