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Critically Capitalist

The Spirit of Asset Capitalism in South Korea

An ethnography of South Korea’s lay investors and aspiring millionaires that demonstrates how South Korea’s capitalism thrives on its critiques

Teaching Difficult Topics

Reflections from the Undergraduate Music Classroom

Reflections from college music instructors offering various approaches to inclusive, supportive pedagogy in the classroom

Bateson's Alphabet

The ABC's of Gregory Bateson’s Ecology of Mind

Connecting Bateson’s ecology of mind with the environmental humanities

Pleasure Grounds of Death

The Rural Cemetery in Nineteenth-Century America

Revealing how landscapes dedicated to the perpetual care of the dead mirrored the transformations and conflicts of the nineteenth century in American society

Learning to Love

Intimacy and the Discourse of Development in China

Understanding generational trauma through a method of self-care

Corpse Crusaders

The Zombie in American Comics

Unearthing the undead stalking the panels of action/adventure and superhero comics

Singing the Land

Hebrew Music and Early Zionism in America

How song shaped American Zionism

The Currency of Truth

Newsmaking and the Late-Socialist Imaginaries of China's Digital Era

Explores the complex interpersonal networks and differing ethical standpoints that shape the news in China

Architectures of Hope

Infrastructural Citizenship and Class Mobility in Brazil's Public Housing

On the eve of the 2008 financial crisis, Brazil implemented its largest-ever public housing program, the Minha Casa Minha Vida

Architectures of Hope

Infrastructural Citizenship and Class Mobility in Brazil’s Public Housing

On the eve of the 2008 financial crisis, Brazil implemented its largest-ever public housing program, the Minha Casa Minha Vida

In Search of Tunga

Prosperity, Almighty God, and Lives in Motion in a Malian Provincial Town

The lives of young male Muslim “adventurers” in a Malian town


Discipline, Compassion, and Enlightenment at a Japanese Zen Temple

An intimate and insightful look into the life of a head Sōtō Zen temple in 21st century Japan

The Indians of the Western Great Lakes, 1615-1760

The stories of the Huron, Miami, Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Chippewa tribes in the years before contact with European settlers

Sonorous Worlds

Musical Enchantment in Venezuela

In Venezuela’s El Sistema, music is both a means of government control and a form of emancipation for youth musicians

Social Organization in South China, 1911–1949

The Case of Kuan Lineage in K’ai-p’ing County

An exploration of the effects on patrilineal kinship ties of the social and political changes in the period between the revolutions of 1912 and 1949

Bad Boys

Public Schools in the Making of Black Masculinity

with a foreword by Pedro A. Noguera

The classic ethnography on how implicit bias impacts black male students’ identities

Sounding Dissent

Rebel Songs, Resistance, and Irish Republicanism

In Belfast’s rebel music scene, Irish republican musicians and audiences engage in ritualized resistance against the British state

The Yomut Turkmen

A Study of Social Organization among a Central Asian Turkic-Speaking Population

Where Women Work

A Study of Yoruba Women in the Marketplace and in the Home

Nomads and Farmers

A Study of the Yo¨ru¨k of Southeastern Turkey

Engaged Anthropology

Research Essays on North American Archaeology, Ethnobotany, and Museology

Ethnobiology at the Millennium

Past Promise and Future Prospects