German History

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Socialist Subjectivities

Queering East Germany under Honecker

Reexamining how East Germans constructed their present and future subjectivities

African Students in East Germany, 1949-1975

Describes the lived experiences of African students in communist East Germany to shed new light on the history of Germany, Africa, and decolonization

The Apocalypse in Reformation Nuremberg

Jews and Turks in Andreas Osiander’s World

Illuminates the impact of Jews and Turks on the life and work of influential reformer Andreas Osiander

The Apocalypse in Reformation Nuremberg

Jews and Turks in Andreas Osiander's World

Illuminates the impact of Jews and Turks on the life and work of influential reformer Andreas Osiander

The Arts of Democratization

Styling Political Sensibilities in Postwar West Germany

How postwar West German democracy was styled through word, image, sound, performance, and gathering

Spaces of Honor

Making German Civil Society, 1700-1914

Traces the development of German civil society through collective actions of honor

Imperial Fictions

German Literature Before and Beyond the Nation-State

Rethinks German literature by challenging the notion that national literature is the narrative of a spiritually united people

Performing Unification

History and Nation in German Theater after 1989

Considers how performance, plays, and history affect the collective memory of a society and national identity, on and off stage

Bodies and Ruins

Imagining the Bombing of Germany, 1945 to the Present

Explores visual representations of the Allied bombing war on Germany to reveal how Germans remembered and commemorated WWII

The Jazz Republic

Music, Race, and American Culture in Weimar Germany

Reveals the wide-ranging influence of American jazz on German discussions of music, race, and culture in the early twentieth century

The War in Their Minds

German Soldiers and Their Violent Pasts in West Germany

A pathbreaking study of the psychic afflictions of German soldiers returning from the Second World War


German Music in the Seventies

The first in-depth study of one of the most influential movements of contemporary popular music

Beyond the Bauhaus

Cultural Modernity in Breslau, 1918-33

Reclaims the essential role that the city of Breslau played in the origins of aesthetic modernism in the Weimar era

The Corrigible and the Incorrigible

Science, Medicine, and the Convict in Twentieth-Century Germany

Explores how the social sciences and clinical medicine contributed to the understanding and treatment of offenders in three disparate political regimes

Beyond Berlin

Twelve German Cities Confront the Nazi Past

A compelling exploration of the myriad ways in which German cities have confronted their Nazi pasts

Consumption and Violence

Radical Protest in Cold-War West Germany

Reveals the relationship between the rise of political violence in West Germany to the unprecedented growth of consumption

The Strange and Terrible Visions of Wilhelm Friess

The Paths of Prophecy in Reformation Europe

Studying the prophecies of Wilhelm Friess and the interconnectedness of textual and print history

Mediating Culture in the Seventeenth-Century German Novel

Eberhard Werner Happel, 1647-1690

A fascinating and exciting reevaluation of the 17th-century novels of Eberhard Happel

German Colonialism Revisited

African, Asian, and Oceanic Experiences

The first collection of interdisciplinary and comparative studies focusing on diverse interactions among African, Asian, and Oceanic peoples and German colonizers

Becoming a Nazi Town

Culture and Politics in Göttingen between the World Wars

Local cultural activities played a key role in altering Germany’s political landscape between the world wars

The Origins of Christian Democracy

Politics and Confession in Modern Germany

A pioneering exploration of the origins of German Christian Democracy in the context of 19th- and 20th-century politics and religion

Germany's Wild East

Constructing Poland as Colonial Space

This examination of the elements of colonial relationships is new in paperback

Culture in the Anteroom

The Legacies of Siegfried Kracauer

An interdisciplinary approach to Kracauer's body of work

A Jewish Orchestra in Nazi Germany

Musical Politics and the Berlin Jewish Culture League

Examines the complicated history of a Jewish cultural organization supported by Nazi Germany