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Rights and Permissions

Permissions and Subsidiary Rights

Permission is required to reproduce copyright protected material from Michigan Publishing and University of Michigan Press titles in publications, coursepacks, electronic products, and any other media.

Please check the credit/acknowledgments page and apply to the original source for permission to use the material. This applies to all content including: text, photographs, charts, and illustrations.

If you wish to evaluate our titles for translation, please contact the University of Chicago Press at intlrights@uchicago.edu and they will arrange to send a PDF for review purposes when available. The University of Chicago Press also attends the following international book fairs and acts as selling agent on the behalf of University of Michigan Press: Frankfurt Book Fair, London Book Fair, Beijing Book Fair, and the Guadalajara Book Fair.

To view University of Michigan Press’s latest international rights catalog please visit the University of Chicago Press International Rights catalog page.

Requesting Permission or Subsidiary Rights

Request Permissions and Rights from the Copyright Clearance Center

Permissions and Republication Subsidiary Rights for almost all Press titles may be requested through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) at www.copyright.com.

  • To find the title easily on CCC please make sure to have the ISBN of the title for which you are requesting permissions or rights. Your request will usually be automatically approved, otherwise you will receive a response to your request after it is reviewed.

For any permissions or republication rights that cannot be processed through the Copyright Clearance Center, please contact um.press.rights@umich.edu.