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China Understandings Today (Series)

A publication series dedicated to the study of 20th and 21st century China, China Understandings Today (CUT) seeks to present the latest and most innovative scholarship in the social sciences and the humanities to the academic community as well as the general public. China Understandings Today invites publication proposals from scholars engaged in the study of China from historical, comparative, and/or multi-disciplinary perspectives. The series editors are committed to promoting interdisciplinary studies and to encouraging new forms of scholarship; the series is also interested in quality translations of select scholarship in Chinese.

The Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies provides support for manuscript workshops for books in the China Understandings Today series as well as an open access publication subvention.

Series Editors
Mary Gallagher, University of Michigan
Emily Wilcox, William & Mary

Please send inquiries to ChinaSeriesEditors@umich.edu.

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Gendered Memories

An Imaginary Museum for Ding Ling and Chinese Female Revolutionary Martyrs

An imaginary museum of the legacies of Chinese female revolutionary martyrs

Ethnic Minority Cinema in China’s Nation-State Building

A comprehensive study of China’s ethnic minority cinema from the Republican Era to the present

Engineering Stability

Rebuilding the State in Twenty-First Century Chinese Universities

How can a state reinvent itself to survive?

In Search of Admiration and Respect

Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875–1974

Reframes cultural diplomacy as part of China's ongoing quest for modernity beyond wealth and power

Seeking a Future for the Past

Space, Power, and Heritage in a Chinese City

An ethnography that illuminates the political economy of urbanization in contemporary China

China as Number One?

The Emerging Values of a Rising Power

Examining the contemporary rise in China’s political, economic, and military power through the opinions of its citizens

Paris and the Art of Transposition

Early Twentieth Century Sino-French Encounters

How Chinese artists created a transnational imaginary

The Currency of Truth

Newsmaking and the Late-Socialist Imaginaries of China's Digital Era

Explores the complex interpersonal networks and differing ethical standpoints that shape the news in China

Disruptions as Opportunities

Governing Chinese Society with Interactive Authoritarianism

How authoritarian states adapt to new phenomena

Rejuvenating Communism

Youth Organizations and Elite Renewal in Post-Mao China

How the Chinese party-state attracts young officials to renew its elite

Power of Freedom

Hu Shih's Political Writings

Collection of several previously unpublished works from one of China’s most important scholars in the 20th century

Righteous Revolutionaries

Morality, Mobilization, and Violence in the Making of the Chinese State

A reexamination of one of the most violent and successful state-building efforts in history

Televising Chineseness

Gender, Nation, and Subjectivity

Offers new understandings of gender construction and nation-building through the lens of recent Chinese television programs.

Chinese Netizens' Opinions on Death Sentences

An Empirical Examination

Provides the first in-depth examination of what Chinese netizens think about various death sentences and executions in China.

Governing and Ruling

The Political Logic of Taxation in China

Studies how the Chinese Communist Party uses and reforms its taxation institution to promote economic growth and governance quality while limits the emerging capitalists' political demand

The Global White Snake

Tracing the history and adaptation of one of China’s foundational texts

Power over Property

The Political Economy of Communist Land Reform in China

Provides an alternative to both capitalist and communist conceptions of modern historical development based on relations to property

Going to the Countryside

The Rural in the Modern Chinese Cultural Imagination, 1915-1965

Focuses on the cultural practices and representations of “going to the countryside” as a distinctively modern experience in China between 1915 and 1965, bringing the rural back to the central concern of Chinese cultural studies

Resisting Spirits

Drama Reform and Cultural Transformation in the People's Republic of China

Even amidst the Maoist era’s politicized cultural production, culture workers continued to adapt traditional theatre to create bold new statements

Resisting Spirits

Drama Reform and Cultural Transformation in the People’s Republic of China

Even amidst the Maoist era’s politicized cultural production, culture workers continued to adapt traditional theatre to create bold new statements