American History

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Pleasure Grounds of Death

The Rural Cemetery in Nineteenth-Century America

Revealing how landscapes dedicated to the perpetual care of the dead mirrored the transformations and conflicts of the nineteenth century in American society

Corpse Crusaders

The Zombie in American Comics

Uncovering the undead stalking the panels of action/adventure and superhero comics

Bath Massacre, New Edition

America's First School Bombing

New Edition, Updated and Expanded Edition

In Contempt

Defending Free Speech, Defeating HUAC

How an American Family Went to the Supreme Court with a First Amendment Defense and Beat HUAC

Stamping American Memory

Collectors, Citizens, and the Post

Awarded the University of Michigan Press / Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) publication prize for Notable Work in the Digital Humanities

Traveling Through Time

A Guide to Michigan's Historical Markers

Revised Edition

The definitive illustrated guide to nearly 1,500 of Michigan's historic sites, updated and revised

Ninety Years Crossing Lake Michigan

The History of the Ann Arbor Car Ferries

An illustrated book about the visionary, risky, and influential business of transporting loaded railroad cars across Lake Michigan

A History of Ann Arbor

A narrative history of Ann Arbor's transformation from frontier community to world-renowned center for learning and research

Open the Door

The Life and Music of Betty Carter

Presents the lifelong influence of Betty Carter's career and her music on the music world

Michigan's Capitol

Construction and Restoration

A history of the building and restoration of one of the nation's most prominent capitols.

The Automobile and American Culture

Looks at the impact of the automobile on American folkways

World War II Front Line Nurse

The riveting personal account of a Michigan nurse's experiences in France, Germany, and Africa during the Second World War

Always Leading, Forever Valiant

Stories of the University of Michigan, 1817–2017

An engaging look at the history of the University of Michigan on its 200th birthday

The Silent Guns of Two Octobers

Kennedy and Khrushchev Play the Double Game

New Edition, Updated

Far from the brink

"Destined to Fail"

Carl Seashore’s World of Eugenics, Psychology, Education, and Music

How eugenics became a keystone of modern educational policy

Informing a Nation

The Newspaper Presidency of Thomas Jefferson

How a dynamic, controversially elected president used the media to promote his image and policies


The General Motors Strike of 1936-1937

With a New Foreword by Kim Moody

Studies the most significant American labor conflict of the 20th century

Performing Flight

From the Barnstormers to Space Tourism

A century of human aviation and space travel, seen through the lens of performance

The Silent Guns of Two Octobers

Kennedy and Khrushchev Play the Double Game

Far from the brink

States at War

A Reference Guide for Michigan in the Civil War

The definitive guide for researching Michigan’s experience throughout the Civil War

An Independent Empire

Diplomacy & War in the Making of the United States

How the United States used methods of imperial diplomacy to recast itself into a global juggernaut

Zombie History

Lies About Our Past that Refuse to Die

You can’t outrun it, but you can outsmart it

Adoption, Memory, and Cold War Greece

Kid pro quo?

Reveals the history of how 3,000 Greek children were shipped to the United States for adoption in the postwar period