Studies in Dance: Theories and Practices (Series)

Published by the University of Michigan Press on behalf of the Dance Studies Association, Rosemary Roberts, President
Founded in 1988, Studies in Dance: Theories and Practices aims to further the goals of the Dance Studies Association by making widely available the extraordinarily rich and diverse scholarship that takes dance as its subject. Ranging from new methods of historical inquiry to multiple theoretical perspectives on dancing, dancers, and dances in a global context. Each volume in the series is accessible to specialists and laypeople alike, providing a valuable resource for scholars and a pleasurable education for the general reader.

Series Editorial Board
Clare Croft, Series Editor
SanSan Kwan, Associate Editor

Editorial Board
Aimee Cox
Ojeya Cruz Banks
Cindy Garcia
Einav Katan-Schmid
Eike Wittrock
Ruby Macdougall, Editorial Assistant

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Dancing on the Fault Lines of History

Selected Essays

Encapsulating a career of studying modern dance

Performing the Greek Crisis

Navigating National Identity in the Age of Austerity

Examining how changes in dance amid the Greek financial crisis altered perceptions and discourses of Greece’s culture and national identity

Kinethic California

Dancing Funk and Disco Era Kinships

Explores the making of black social and vernacular dance in the 1970s, precursor to today’s global hip hop/streetdance culture

Inhabiting the Impossible

Dance and Experimentation in Puerto Rico

Artists and scholars celebrate the development, diversity, and ethics of Puerto Rican experimental dance

The Body in Crisis

New Pathways and Short Circuits in Representation

Foreword by Cristina Fernandes Rosa, Translated by Christopher Larkosh and Grace Holleran

A major theoretical work by Brazilian dance scholar Christine Greiner explores the political relevance of bodily arts in the age of neoliberal globalization

Corporeal Politics

Dancing East Asia

The political power of performing bodies