Poetry and Poetry Criticism

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A Companion to Apollonius of Rhodes

A complementary text to the Greek poet of Argonautica


Poetry at the End of Print Culture

Exploring the form and significance of poetry in a digital age

The Imaginary Present

Essays in Quantum Poetics

Exploring the questions of the universe through poetry and science

Radical Poetics

Essays on Literature & Culture

Expanding theoretical practice to return radicality to its original meaning from the Latin—forming a root

Geographies of Relation

Diasporas and Borderlands in the Americas

How diaspora and borderlands subjects from across the Americas have represented and performed their interrelationship

How to Draw a Circle

On Reading and Writing

An examination of what binds poetic endeavor into a singular, shining whole

Joy (Or Something Darker, but Like It)

poetry & parenting

Thinking about parenting through the lens of poetry

Ghosts and the Overplus

Reading Poetry in the Twenty-First Century

Celebrating the voices, current and past, that surface in lyric poetry

The Imaginative Vision of Abdilatif Abdalla’s Voice of Agony

Poems Translated by Ken Walibora Waliaula

First English literary translation of Abdilatif Abadalla’s influential Voice of Agony

Poetry, History, Memory

Wang Jingwei and China in Dark Times

The first comprehensive biography of  Wang Jingwei, a poet, politician, and the most controversial figure in modern Chinese history

To Go Into the Words

A critical look at transcendence and a radical delight with language

Tales of Dionysus

The Dionysiaca of Nonnus of Panopolis

The first English verse translation of the Dionysiaca of Nonnus of Panopolis

Working Time

Essays on Poetry, Culture, and Travel

Essays that explore literature, art, and contemporary culture and their connections to time and place

A Beat Beyond

Selected Prose of Major Jackson

Foregrounding the possibilities of human song

From the Valley of Bronze Camels

A Primer, Some Lectures, & A Boondoggle on Poetry

"What makes art 'modern' and what does 'urgent' mean now?"

The Glass House

The Life of Theodore Roethke

The first detailed biography of this renowned American poet

Collected Prose

A collection of essays on poetry and the experiences that influenced this poet

The Spiral of Memory


Intimate, illuminating conversations with one of the most important voices in contemporary American poetry

The Passionate Spectator

Essays on Art and Poetry

Insightful essays on art and poetry by the acclaimed writer, critic, and curator

The Matrix of Lyric Transformation

Poetic Modes and Self-Presentation in Early Chinese Pentasyllabic Poetry

Traces one the most important genres in early Chinese literature through a series of modes connoting varying social milieus, from folk to literati

Rhymes in the Flow

How Rappers Flip the Beat

Reveals the deep roots, poetic structures, and uncommon artistry of rap poetry and performance

Nuyorican Feminist Performance

From the Café to Hip Hop Theater

Recovers and celebrates the contributions of women artists to the history of this iconic performance venue

Till One Day the Sun Shall Shine More Brightly

The Poetry and Prose of Donald Revell

A rich, multifaceted consideration of the poetry and other writings of Donald Revell