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Cosmopolitan Imaginaries and International Disorder

Exploring why attempts to construct a cosmopolitan order tend to be followed by greater forces of division and disorder

Story Tech

Power, Storytelling, and Social Change Advocacy

How increased access to storytelling reshapes our public debates

The Dilemma of Compliance

Political Parties and Post-Election Disputes

Exploring the causes and consequences of post-election disputes

Expedition Escape from the Classroom

Political Outings on the Campus and the Anxiety of Teaching IR

Breaking out of the classroom to explore how international relations manifest on campus

Engineering Stability

Rebuilding the State in Twenty-First Century Chinese Universities

How can a state reinvent itself to survive?

Turbulence Across the Sea

Transatlantic Relations and Strategic Competition

How power struggles are shifting security on both sides of the Atlantic

In Search of Admiration and Respect

Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875–1974

Reframes cultural diplomacy as part of China's ongoing quest for modernity beyond wealth and power

Autocrats Can't Always Get What They Want

State Institutions and Autonomy under Authoritarianism

Discovering why autocrats may not be in total control

Mass–Elite Representation Gap in Old and New Democracies

Critical Junctures and Elite Agency

What happens when voters and their representatives don’t agree?

Making Sense of the Arab State

Exploring the surprising strengths and weaknesses of the Arab state

The Fundamentals of Campaign Finance in the U.S.

Why We Have the System We Have

Why the U.S. campaign finance system is difficult to fix

Generational Politics in the United States

From the Silents to Gen Z and Beyond

How generational change impacts the future of American politics

Assault on the Media

The Nixon Years

New and expanded edition, Updated with Analysis of 21st Century Threats to Democracy

Taking a 21st century look at the lasting effects of Nixon-era attacks on journalism

The Dynamics of European Integration

Causes and Consequences of Institutional Choices

Examines how certain policy models can work within the context of dissensus and polarization in Europe while still promoting solidarity and trust in the European Union

Chasing Greatness

On Russia's Discursive Interaction with the West over the Past Millennium

How a millennia idealizing political greatness has affected Russia

State Institutions, Civic Associations, and Identity Demands

Regional Movements in Greater Southeast Asia

An in-depth look at why autonomy movements fail or succeed

Decisiveness and Fear of Disorder

Political Decision-Making in Times of Crisis

Examines how the need to appear decisive becomes the paramount consideration for politicians in crisis situations

Climate Games

Experiments on How People Prevent Disaster

Experiments reveal people can work together to prevent climate change

None of the Above

Protest Voting in Latin American Democracies

How citizens casting an invalid vote still contribute to democracy

Seeds of Mobilization

The Authoritarian Roots of South Korea's Democracy

Examines the roles of industrialization and tertiary education in Korea’s nonlinear path to democracy

Greenland in Arctic Security

(De)securitization Dynamics under Climatic Thaw and Geopolitical Freeze

How a nation at the center of the Arctic region fits into security studies