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Medieval and Renaissance Studies

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The Arcadia of Jacopo Sannazaro

A New Translation with Commentary

Translating the foundational text of pastoral fiction and poetry into English for the modern scholar and reader

Instrument of Memory

Encounters with the Wandering Jew

Reimagining the Wandering Jew legend and the curse of immortality in centuries of Jewish and Christian art

Bad Chaucer

The Great Poet’s Greatest Mistakes in the Canterbury Tales

Explores how Geoffrey Chaucer’s blunders in the classic Canterbury Tales make it far from a perfect masterpiece

Trial by Farce

A Dozen Medieval French Comedies in English for the Modern Stage

In the Middle Ages as now, the search for justice can make for high drama—or low drama—as in these hilarious French legal farces in translation

Imagining Iberia in English and Castilian Medieval Romance

An innovative comparative study of Middle English and medieval Castilian romance

The Apocalypse in Reformation Nuremberg

Jews and Turks in Andreas Osiander’s World

Illuminates the impact of Jews and Turks on the life and work of influential reformer Andreas Osiander

The Apocalypse in Reformation Nuremberg

Jews and Turks in Andreas Osiander's World

Illuminates the impact of Jews and Turks on the life and work of influential reformer Andreas Osiander

The Medieval Postcolonial Jew, In and Out of Time

Confronts the fraught temporal dissonances that are written into the structure of sacred Jewish and Christian time

Feeling the Future at Christian End-Time Performances

How Christian depictions of the End allow spectators to experience—and feel—their place within the future history of humankind

Ottoman Eurasia in Early Modern German Literature

Cultural Translations (Francisci, Happel, Speer)

Europe and the Ottoman Empire through three 17th-century writers

The Black Widows of the Eternal City

The True Story of Rome's Most Infamous Poisoners

An intriguing and well-researched account behind the dozens of female poisoners in seventeenth-century Rome

Following Chaucer

Offices of the Active Life

Understanding the relationship between individuals and their communities in the works of Chaucer

Intimate Reading

Textual Encounters in Medieval Women’s Visions and Vitae

Explores how medieval women mystics sought to create an experience of the divine through the medium of the text

Monstrous Kinds

Body, Space, and Narrative in Renaissance Representations of Disability

Elucidates how Renaissance writers used monstrosity to imagine what we now call disability

Women’s Bookscapes in Early Modern Britain

Reading, Ownership, Circulation

Rediscovering and reframing the rich and multifaceted history of early modern British women’s book ownership and library compilation

Shakespeare and the Legacy of Loss

How Garrick and company resurrected Shakespeare, guaranteeing his immortality—and theirs 

A Poetry Precise and Free

Selected Madrigals of Guarini

New translations and insightful commentary on art and courtly love in Renaissance Italy breathe fresh life into Guarini’s finest madrigals

The Birth of the Archive

A History of Knowledge

The dynamic but little-known story of how archives came to shape and be shaped by European culture and society

Living in the Future

Sovereignty and Internationalism in the Canterbury Tales

Looks beneath Chaucer’s vision of a British past to discover a deeply politicized fantasy of England’s national identity

The Hellenistic, Roman, and Medieval Glass from Cosa

A landmark contribution to our knowledge of the Roman glass industry in the Western Mediterranean