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Critically Capitalist

The Spirit of Asset Capitalism in South Korea

An ethnography of South Korea’s lay investors and aspiring millionaires that demonstrates how South Korea’s capitalism thrives on its critiques

The Postdevelopmental State

Dilemmas of Economic Democratization in Contemporary South Korea

Examining the struggle to align high-growth economic models with the egalitarian promises of democracy

Seeds of Mobilization

The Authoritarian Roots of South Korea's Democracy

Examines the roles of industrialization and tertiary education in Korea’s nonlinear path to democracy

Realisms in East Asian Performance

Essays by leading scholars expand understandings of theatrical realism through East Asian performances across premodern, modern, and contemporary periods

Minor Salvage

The Korean War and Korean American Life Writings

Explores the forgotten archives and life writings of Korean War refugees

Mediating the South Korean Other

Representations and Discourses of Difference in the Post/Neocolonial Nation-State

Offers a new framework for understanding ethnic and racial difference in Korea

Pride, Not Prejudice

National Identity as a Pacifying Force in East Asia

Nationalism as a path to international peace

Korean Families Yesterday and Today

Twelve chapters, portraying diverse aspects of the contemporary Korean families and showing how they have come to have their current shapes

Rediscovering Korean Cinema

The first comprehensive volume examining the state, stakes, and future direction of Korean cinema studies.

Revisiting Minjung

New Perspectives on the Cultural History of 1980s South Korea

Foremost scholars of 1980s South Korea bring new perspectives on this pivotal period, expanding the horizons of Korean cultural studies by reassessing old conventions and adding new narratives

Entrepreneurial Seoulite

Culture and Subjectivity in Hongdae, Seoul

A lucid narration of post-financial crisis urbanism in Seoul and the vivid experiences of living through the city in transition

The Burden of the Past

Problems of Historical Perception in Japan-Korea Relations

A rigorously historical investigation into the ongoing issues in Japan-Korea relations and how and why both governments have acted—and not acted—to address them

Cultures of Yusin

South Korea in the 1970s

A broad range of scholars explores the many avenues of cultural production during the Yusin period, casting new light on how it challenged and conformed to the ambitions of the state power

Geopolitical Economy

The South Korean FTA Strategy

How geopolitics influence free trade agreements in South Korea

Transforming Gender and Emotion

The Butterfly Lovers Story in China and Korea

Illuminates how one folktale serves as a living record of the evolving cultures and relationships of China and Korea

Transgression in Korea

Beyond Resistance and Control

Challenges our understanding of transgression— its causes, goals, and motives— across a comprehensive reading of South Korean media

Embodied Reckonings

“Comfort Women,” Performance, and Transpacific Redress

An illuminating study of how former Korean “comfort women” and their supporters have redressed history through protests, tribunals, theater, and memorial-building projects

Smartland Korea

Mobile Communication, Culture, and Society

An engaging and comprehensive look at the Korean smartphone industry and culture

Hallyu 2.0

The Korean Wave in the Age of Social Media

The first scholarly volume to investigate the impact of social media and other communication technologies on the global dissemination of the Korean Wave

Illusive Utopia

Theater, Film, and Everyday Performance in North Korea

A rare glimpse into North Korean propaganda—in parades, posters, murals, theater, and films