African American History

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Reimagining the Educated Citizen

Creole Pedagogies in the Transatlantic World, 1685-1896

A radical egalitarian vision of the transatlantic, creole roots of American public education

Black America in the Shadow of the Sixties

Notes on the Civil Rights Movement, Neoliberalism, and Politics

A spirited argument for moving beyond the legacy of the Civil Rights era to best understand the current situation of African Americans

The Captive Stage

Performance and the Proslavery Imagination of the Antebellum North

A revealing exploration of Northern proslavery sentiment during the period before the Civil War

The Black Musician and the White City

Race and Music in Chicago, 1900-1967

An exploration of the history of African American musicians in Chicago during the mid-20th century

Mark One or More

Civil Rights in Multiracial America

The little-known story of the struggle to include a multiracial category on the U.S. census, and the profound changes it wrought in the American political landscape

Philadelphia Freedom

Memoir of a Civil Rights Lawyer

The gripping story of the life and education of one of America's most innovative and idealistic lawyers

Reform and Revolution in China

The 1911 Revolution in Hunan and Hubei

Explains how reforms in the late Qing dynasty indirectly amplified the social forces that brought about the Revolution of 1911