Cinema Studies

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Ethnic Minority Cinema in China’s Nation-State Building

A comprehensive study of China’s ethnic minority cinema from the Republican Era to the present

Down Syndrome Culture

Life Writing, Documentary, and Fiction Film in Iberian and Latin American Contexts

Looking at Down syndrome representation from a global perspective

Bateson's Alphabet

The ABC's of Gregory Bateson’s Ecology of Mind

Connecting Bateson’s ecology of mind with the environmental humanities

Legal Stories

Narrative-Based Property Development in the Modern Copyright Era

How copyright law and the practice of narrative-based property development influenced each other before 1978

Greasepaint Puritan

Boston to 42nd Street in the Queer Backstage Novels of Bradford Ropes

Recovers the life and art of Bradford Ropes, author of 42nd Street and chronicler of gay lives in early show business

Alan Rudolph's Trouble in Mind

Tampering with Myths

A critical analysis of Alan Rudolph’s dreamy neo-noir

Listening with a Feminist Ear

Soundwork in Bombay Cinema

On the cultural politics and possibilities of sound in cinema

Bits and Pieces

Screening Animal Life and Death

How and why animals—especially dead animals—matter in film and television

Negative, Nonsensical, and Non-Conformist

The Films of Suzuki Seijun

The definitive study of the pathbreaking and controversial Japanese film director who expanded the form, rhetoric, and philosophy of popular genre movies

Cinema Ann Arbor

How Campus Rebels Forged a Singular Film Culture

A fascinating journey into the DIY spirit of a highly influential film community

Thirty-two New Takes on Taiwan Cinema

A film-by-film introduction to Taiwan cinema and cultures

Méliès Boots

Footwear and Film Manufacturing in Second Industrial Revolution Paris

Examines the work of pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès in relationship to Second Industrial Revolution's advances in technology, transportation, and chemistry

Magnificent Méliès

The Authorized Biography

Biography of pioneer early filmmaker Georges Méliès, now in English

“A Great Wall”

A Learning Guide

Second Edition

A student guide for the critically acclaimed 1986 film A Great Wall

Anti-Heimat Cinema

The Jewish Invention of the German Landscape

Jewish filmmakers inspire New German Cinema within the discursive landscape of the German “Heimat”

Rediscovering Korean Cinema

The first comprehensive volume examining the state, stakes, and future direction of Korean cinema studies.

The Matter of Disability

Biopolitics, Materiality, Crip Affect

Breaks new ground by exploring the limits and transformations of the social model of disability

The Matter of Disability

Materiality, Biopolitics, Crip Affect

Breaks new ground by exploring the limits and transformations of the social model of disability

Early Film Culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Republican China

Kaleidoscopic Histories

A pathbreaking collection of essays on early Chinese-language cinema

My Life as a Filmmaker

A riveting autobiography of Yamamoto Satsuo (1910–83), one of the most important and critically acclaimed postwar Japanese film directors

Science Fiction in Argentina

Technologies of the Text in a Material Multiverse

An exploration of science fiction literature, cinema, theater, and comics from Argentina over the last 140 years.

In Permanent Crisis

Ethnicity in Contemporary European Media and Cinema

Dissects the ways filmmakers frame ethnic and racial Otherness in Europe as adornments of catastrophe

Religion and Spanish Film

Luis Buñuel, the Franco Era, and Contemporary Directors

How Spanish directors have handled religious themes, with their highly-charged political implications, from the historical avant-garde to 2010


Disaster and Transformation in Homer, Shakespeare, Defoe, and the Modern World

Four thousand years of shipwrecks in literature and film