Race and Ethnicity

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Corpse Crusaders

The Zombie in American Comics

Unearthing the undead stalking the panels of action/adventure and superhero comics

Viewers in Distress

Race, Gender, Religion, and Avant-Garde Performance at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century

The changing politics of reception, and how rebellious spectators are redefining the avant-garde

The State You See

How Government Visibility Creates Political Distrust and Racial Inequality

How race affects Americans' experiences of government

Visual Syntax of Race

Arab-Jews in Zionist Visual Culture

The visual representation of racial thought

A Beat Beyond

Selected Prose of Major Jackson

Foregrounding the possibilities of human song

Made-Up Asians

Yellowface During the Exclusion Era

Why and how Asian characters have been represented by non-Asian actors on stage and screen

The Right to Difference

Interculturality and Human Rights in Contemporary German Literature

Develops a theory of intercultural literature to reconcile diversity with traditional notions of German identity

"Destined to Fail"

Carl Seashore’s World of Eugenics, Psychology, Education, and Music

How eugenics became a keystone of modern educational policy

A Change Is Gonna Come

Music, Race & the Soul of America

Revised Edition

The new edition of the groundbreaking chronicle of forty years of black music in America

Adoption and Multiculturalism

Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific

Exploring skewed views of transnational and transracial adoption

Vitality Politics

Health, Debility, and the Limits of Black Emancipation

Traces the post-Reconstruction roots of the slow violence enacted on black people in the U.S. through the politicization of biological health


Selected Writings

The first English translations of key essays, stories, and poems by Nimrod, a major figure in contemporary African letters

Sites of Translation

What Multilinguals Can Teach Us about Digital Writing and Rhetoric

A groundbreaking study of the inventive intellectual work performed by multilingual communicators who translate information in academic and professional spaces—Winner of the 2016 DRC Book Prize!

Black Cultural Life in South Africa

Reception, Apartheid, and Ethics

Explores the shaping of black ethical consciousness by popular culture in apartheid-era South Africa

Muslims in a Post-9/11 America

A Survey of Attitudes and Beliefs and Their Implications for U.S. National Security Policy

Explores the vast diversity within Muslim American communities and shows how negative rhetoric toward Muslims makes America less safe

White Rebels in Black

German Appropriation of Black Popular Culture

Investigates the appropriation of black popular culture as a symbol of rebellion in postwar Germany

Uncle Tom's Cabins

The Transnational History of America's Most Mutable Book

Explores the many ways this mid-nineteenth-century U.S. bestseller functions as world literature and enduring icon

Memory, Meaning, and Resistance

Reflecting on Oral History and Women at the Margins

A pioneering oral historian analyzes recurring themes in the lives of poor and working-class women

The British Blues Network

Adoption, Emulation, and Creativity

An exciting new examination of how African-American blues music was emulated and used by white British musicians in the late 1950s and early 1960s


Performing the Intercultural City

Explores how theater in Toronto, the world’s most multicultural city, vibrantly reflects its diversity and cultural makeup

Passing Illusions

Jewish Visibility in Weimar Germany

Challenges the notion that Weimar Jews sought to be invisible or indistinguishable from other Germans by “passing” as non-Jews


Haunted City

Three Centuries of Racial Impersonation in Philadelphia

Traces the deep roots of Philadelphia’s annual Mummers Parade and the city’s history of blackface masking and other forms of racial impersonation


From Inclusion to Influence

Latino Representation in Congress and Latino Political Incorporation in America

Identifies the ways in which Latinos in Congress represent their fellow Latinos, thereby promoting democracy in our government

The Fanfiction Reader

Folk Tales for the Digital Age

The first ever fanfiction reader framed to emphasize fanfiction's unique transformative nature and continuity with other storytelling traditions.

Unsettled History

Making South African Public Pasts

An engrossing look at how history has been produced, contested, and unsettled in South Africa from Mandela’s release to 2010.