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A Commentary on Cicero, de natura deorum II

First English commentary on Cicero’s examination of the gods in over fifty years

The Shadow of an Ass

Philosophical Choice and Aesthetic Experience in Apuleius' Metamorphoses

An examination of philosophical choice and aesthetic reception in the reading of Apuleius’ novel Metamorphoses

Classical Myth

An Introduction

2nd Edition

An overview of the history, theory, and stories of myths

Garden of Egypt

Irrigation, Society, and the State in the Premodern Fayyum

Examining how relationships with water flow through Egyptian history

Reciprocity, Truth, and Gender in Pindar and Aeschylus

How Pindar and Aeschylus—in distinct but complementary ways—treat the concepts of reciprocity, truth, and gender as interlocked and intertwined

Images and Translations

The Etruscans Abroad

A lively journey to meet the Etruscans, one of Europe’s most enigmatic societies, by world-renowned archaeologist Larissa Bonfante

Lucian’s Laughing Gods

Religion, Philosophy, and Popular Culture in the Roman East

The first English-language monograph about religion and Lucian of Samosata

Accustomed to Obedience?

Classical Ionia and the Aegean World, 480–294 BCE

A dedicated study of Classical Ionia

Stock Characters Speaking

Eight Libanian Declamations Introduced and Translated

A translation of eight declamations written by or ascribed to Libanius, fourth-century CE sophist of Antioch

The Greco-Egyptian Magical Formularies

Libraries, Books, and Individual Recipes

Essays on the magical handbooks of Greco-Roman Egypt

Making Money in Ancient Athens

Explores how ancient Athenians made economic decisions

Aristophanes' Clouds

A Commentary

A new text and commentary on one of Aristophanes' greatest and most influential plays.

Grief and the Hero

The Futility of Longing in the Iliad

A new understanding of Achilles’ grief for Patroklos in the Iliad

Athens 415

The City in Crisis

A detailed look for the classroom at one of the most significant events in Athens’ history

Lyric Poetry and Social Identity in Archaic Greece

A thoughtful consideration of the poems and people in the performance space that was the Archaic Greek symposium

Miletos, the Ornament of Ionia

A History of the City to 400 B.C.E.

A lively, detailed history of one of the most important ancient Greek cities

Adoption, Memory, and Cold War Greece

Kid pro quo?

Reveals the history of how 3,000 Greek children were shipped to the United States for adoption in the postwar period

A Student Commentary on Plato’s Euthyphro

One of Plato’s most famous works, now ready for the classroom


The Roman and Greek Amphoras

A long-awaited study of amphoras from the Roman Republican colony of Cosa

The Best of the Grammarians

Aristarchus of Samothrace on the Iliad

A landmark study of the emergence of Alexandrian and classical philology

A Student Commentary on Pausanias Book 2

Patrick Paul Hogan guides students through Pausanias’ description of the strategic and rich city of Corinth and its neighbors