Asian Studies

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The Community of Nuchi Du Takara ("Life Is the Ultimate Treasure") in Postwar Okinawa

Local Subjectivity within and against Empire

Explores the conflict between Okinawans and the post-WWII US-Japan military alliance through the concept of nuchi du takara

Creating with Roots

Contemporary Chinese National Folk Dance Choreography

Translated by Emily Wilcox

Navigating tradition and innovation in Chinese national folk dance, available in English for the first time 

Gendered Memories

An Imaginary Museum for Ding Ling and Chinese Female Revolutionary Martyrs

An imaginary museum of the legacies of Chinese female revolutionary martyrs

Ethnic Minority Cinema in China’s Nation-State Building

A comprehensive study of China’s ethnic minority cinema from the Republican Era to the present

Critically Capitalist

The Spirit of Asset Capitalism in South Korea

An ethnography of South Korea’s lay investors and aspiring millionaires that demonstrates how South Korea’s capitalism thrives on its critiques

Engineering Stability

Rebuilding the State in Twenty-First Century Chinese Universities

How can a state reinvent itself to survive?

Listening to the Voices of the Dead

The 3-11 Tohoku Disaster Speaks

An incisive observation of the traumas of loss and marginalization brought to the surface by the 2011 Tōhoku Disaster

Fantasies of Ito Michio

Chronicles Ito Michio’s career and explores how fantasy sustains a life disrupted by war, racialization, and imperialism

In Search of Admiration and Respect

Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875–1974

Reframes cultural diplomacy as part of China's ongoing quest for modernity beyond wealth and power

Queer Chimerica

A Speculative Auto/Ethnography of the Cool Child

Examining the intersections of queer theory and the rise of China to reveal how queerness is “produced”

The Postdevelopmental State

Dilemmas of Economic Democratization in Contemporary South Korea

Examining the struggle to align high-growth economic models with the egalitarian promises of democracy

Samurai with Telephones

Anachronism in Japanese Literature

What anachronisms reveal about historical narratives through Early Modern and Modern Japanese cultural products

Learning to Love

Intimacy and the Discourse of Development in China

Understanding generational trauma through a method of self-care

Revolutionary Stagecraft

Theater, Technology, and Politics in Modern China

Reveals the deep entanglement of technological modernization, political agendas, and the performing arts in modern China

Disorienting Politics

Chimerican Media and Transpacific Entanglements

Understanding Chimerican entanglements through 21st-century media

State Institutions, Civic Associations, and Identity Demands

Regional Movements in Greater Southeast Asia

An in-depth look at why autonomy movements fail or succeed

Transnational Philippines

Cultural Encounters in Philippine Literature in Spanish

A study of Philippine literary production that attempts to break the nation’s isolation from broader Spanish literature

Seeking a Future for the Past

Space, Power, and Heritage in a Chinese City

An ethnography that illuminates the political economy of urbanization in contemporary China

Seeds of Mobilization

The Authoritarian Roots of South Korea's Democracy

Examines the roles of industrialization and tertiary education in Korea’s nonlinear path to democracy

China as Number One?

The Emerging Values of a Rising Power

Examining the contemporary rise in China’s political, economic, and military power through the opinions of its citizens

Paris and the Art of Transposition

Early Twentieth Century Sino-French Encounters

How Chinese artists created a transnational imaginary

Cosmopolitan Love

Utopian Vision in D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang

Analyzes the writing of D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang to envision how love crosses cultural boundaries