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The Persistence of Dance

Choreography as Concept and Material in Contemporary Art

Exploring museum-based choreography as a contemporary art medium

Presidential Accountability in Wartime

President Bush, the Treatment of Detainees, and the Laws of War

Examines how and why holding US presidents accountable for war crimes is an obligatory but impossible task in the American constitutional system

Cosmopolitan Love

Utopian Vision in D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang

Analyzes the writing of D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang to envision how love crosses cultural boundaries

Making Academic Presentations

What Every University Student Needs to Know

Encourages academic success by guiding students through the steps of an academic presentation

Poetry, History, Memory

Wang Jingwei and China in Dark Times

The first comprehensive biography of  Wang Jingwei, a poet, politician, and the most controversial figure in modern Chinese history

Communicating the Other across Cultures

From Othering as Equipment for Living, to Communicating Other/Wise

Exposes how we have constructed and marginalized the Other across cultures, and suggests creative global solutions for inclusive multiculturalism

Millions of Suns

On Writing and Life

Invites all writers to share their own perspective

Security. Cooperation. Governance.

The Canada-United States Open Border Paradox

Reveals Canada–US border and security policies vary drastically depending on regional needs

Tracks on the Trail

Popular Music, Race, and the US Presidency

How music defines US presidential campaigns

Jamming the Classroom

Musical Improvisation and Pedagogical Practice

Musical improvisation as a vehicle for teaching, learning, and enacting social justice

The Dybbuk Century

The Jewish Play That Possessed the World

How a 100-year-old play about spiritual possession beyond the grave continues to engage and fascinate

Seriously Mad

Mental Distress and the Broadway Musical

Explores the history of American musical theater’s engagement with notions of madness, from Man of La Mancha to A Strange Loop

Realisms in East Asian Performance

Essays by leading scholars expand understandings of theatrical realism through East Asian performances across premodern, modern, and contemporary periods

To Go Into the Words

A critical look at transcendence and a radical delight with language

Perspectives on Good Writing in Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Provides diverse global perspectives from seasoned scholars and teachers on systematically evaluating quality writing

The Violence of the Letter

Toward a Theory of Writing

The alphabet's devastating consequences for humanity

In Defense of Free Speech in Universities

A Study of Three Jurisdictions

Free expression is essential to the pursuit of truth

How Informal Institutions Matter

Evidence from Turkish Social and Political Spheres

with a foreword by B. Guy Peters

Informal institutions are core to political life

Transforming Vòdún

Musical Change and Postcolonial Healing in Benin's Jazz and Brass Band Music

How musicians from the West African Republic of Benin transform Benin’s cultural traditions

Reimagining the Educated Citizen

Creole Pedagogies in the Transatlantic World, 1685-1896

A radical egalitarian vision of the transatlantic, creole roots of American public education

Walking the Gendered Tightrope

Theresa May and Nancy Pelosi as Legislative Leaders

Examines how women in higher office must balance feminine stereotypes with exercising their power