Women's Studies

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Bodies on the Front Lines

Performance, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Performances as feminist, queer, and trans activism, from theater and flash mobs to street protests and online manifestos

Protest Arts, Gender, and Social Change

Fiction, Popular Songs, and the Media in Hausa Society across Borders

The role of literature and popular songs in the cultural politics of Hausa society

Rape at the Opera

Staging Sexual Violence

How opera practitioners represent sexual violence on today’s opera stages

Walking the Gendered Tightrope

Theresa May and Nancy Pelosi as Legislative Leaders

Examines how women in higher office must balance feminine stereotypes with exercising their power

Gender in Play on the Shakespearean Stage

Boy Heroines and Female Pages

Cross-dressing in Shakespeare: a context for Elizabethan gender studies

Freudian Slips

Woman, Writing, the Foreign Tongue

A feminist critic provides the first book-length literary exploration of Freud's classic study, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.

Lady Dicks and Lesbian Brothers

Staging the Unimaginable at the WOW Café Theatre

Parody, cross-dressing, zany comedy, and unbridled eroticism at a women's theater space in the East Village

Liberating Economics, Second Edition

Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization

2nd Edition

Creating Gender Equality from the Ashes of Neoliberalism

The Paradox of Gender Equality

How American Women's Groups Gained and Lost Their Public Voice

New Edition, With a New Preface

A challenge to conventional notions about American women’s collective engagement in public policy-making

Blindness Through the Looking Glass

The Performance of Blindness, Gender, and the Sensory Body

Challenges visuality as the dominant mode through which we understand gender, social performance, and visual culture

Jackie Ormes

The First African American Woman Cartoonist

Now in paperback—the biography of a pioneering woman artist and the characters she created

Coeds Ruining the Nation

Women, Education, and Social Change in Postwar Japanese Media

A unique glimpse into the hopes and fears of the Japanese people as coeducation was first introduced in the Occupation period.

Uncrossing the Borders

Performing Chinese in Gendered (Trans)Nationalism

Traces the phenomenon of gendered border-crossing in Chinese opera, as dramatic theme and powerful political rhetoric

Victorian Bestseller

The Life of Dinah Craik

An engaging, rigorously researched biography of popular 19th century novelist Dinah Craik

Dirty Work

Domestic Service in Progressive-Era Women’s Fiction

What representations of domestic service in literature reveal about various Progressive Era cultural narratives

For Dear Life

Women's Decriminalization and Human Rights in Focus

A bold journey through images that bear witness to the tenacious power of art and activism

Gendered Power

Educated Women of the Meiji Empress' Court

Examines the contributions of three powerful Meiji women and how their own education and ideas about Japanese women’s potential shaped how females were to participate in modern society

Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan

Gives critical attention to the issue of Japan’s low level of gender equality and the conflicting information from surveys of women reporting a high sense of well-being

Women’s Bookscapes in Early Modern Britain

Reading, Ownership, Circulation

Rediscovering and reframing the rich and multifaceted history of early modern British women’s book ownership and library compilation

Anatomy of a Civil War

Sociopolitical Impacts of the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey

Illuminates the sometimes surprising positive and negative outcomes of civil war

Everywoman Her Own Theology

On the Poetry of Alicia Suskin Ostriker

Much admired by readers for decades, Alicia Ostriker is celebrated by her peers in fresh and insightful essays

Formulas for Motherhood in a Chinese Hospital

The first long- term anthropological study of China’s Baby- Friendly Hospital Initiative, closely examining our assumptions about motherhood and childbirth

Gendered Vulnerability

How Women Work Harder to Stay in Office

Analysis-driven study of female candidates and how they represent their constituents better than their male colleagues