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Expedition Escape from the Classroom

Political Outings on the Campus and the Anxiety of Teaching IR

Breaking out of the classroom to explore how international relations manifest on campus

Lessons in Gratitude

A Memoir on Race, the Arts, and Mental Health

A tale of persistence, passion, and music


How I Solved a Literary Mystery and Learned to Play Kickass Tennis while Coming to Grips with the Disorder of Things

On writing, researching, and tennis

Waiting for the Call

From Preacher's Daughter to Lesbian Mom

One woman's search for the meaning of faith when the foundations of her beliefs are tested to the limit

In Contempt

Defending Free Speech, Defeating HUAC

How an American Family Went to the Supreme Court with a First Amendment Defense and Beat HUAC

World War II Front Line Nurse

The riveting personal account of a Michigan nurse's experiences in France, Germany, and Africa during the Second World War

Ten Thousand Nights

Highlights from 50 Years of Theatre-Going

Relives essential moments and remarkable achievements in modern theatre, from the 1960s to the present

Remembering Tanizaki Jun’ichiro and Matsuko

Diary Entries, Interview Notes, and Letters, 1954-1989

An essential companion for Tanizaki scholars and aficionados alike, providing a glimpse of the man from those closest to him

Childhood Years

A Memoir

Set against the modernization of Japan, this memoir offers a moving look at famed novelist Tanizaki' Jun'ichirō’s early years


Feather Brained

My Bumbling Quest to Become a Birder and Find a Rare Bird on My Own

Memoirist Bob Tarte returns with another hilarious look into his birdbrained world

In the Name of Editorial Freedom

125 Years at the Michigan Daily

Celebrating 125 years of the Michigan Daily

It All Began in Nuremberg

Between History and Memory

A new translation of Rita Thalmann’s impactful memoir detailing her personal witness of Nazism and the Holocaust

Counting the Tiger's Teeth

An African Teenager's Story

A preeminent historian’s memoir of the first peasant rebellion in postcolonial Nigeria

Hot Fudge Sundae in a White Paper Cup

A Spirited Black Woman in a White World

A memoir by acclaimed educator and leader Gwendolyn Calvert Baker exploring her life and work

Dear Wizard

The Letters of Nicholas Delbanco and Jon Manchip White

A belletristic personal correspondence and contest of extravagant and amusing letterhead

Yes, There Will Be Singing

A powerful collection of essays that ruminates on poetry’s profound spiritual and healing possibilities

The Politics of the Trail

Reflexive Mountain Biking along the Frontier of Jerusalem

A history of conflict on display through a morning commute through Jerusalem

What Matters in Medicine

Lessons from a Life in Primary Care

By David Loxterkamp
Subjects: Memoir

An honest and insightful reflection on lessons learned about primary care from a life as a small town doctor

Building Tall

My Life and the Invention of Construction Management

The memoir of the Construction Manager for some of the world's most famous high-rises

As If

An Autobiography

A legendary figure in American theater looks back

A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt

An African Memoir

The long-awaited memoir from the most prolific historian of Africa

An Angle of Vision

Women Writers on Their Poor and Working-Class Roots

Uncommon perspectives by prominent women writers on class, money, family, and home

The Accidental Teacher

Life Lessons from My Silent Son

An Autism Memoir

A mother's honest, unvarnished, and touching memoir about the life lessons she learned from a son with autism

A Crooked Line

From Cultural History to the History of Society

A first-hand account of the genealogy of the discipline, and of the rise of a new era of social history, by one of the leading historians of a generation