Digital Projects

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Narrative Podcasting in an Age of Obsession

Evaluating the rise of podcasting and the storytelling trends that emerged

After Disruption

A Future for Cultural Memory

How we plan for and develop a more just, sustainable, and healthy future for memory infrastructure

Sensing Health

Bodies, Data, and Digital Health Technologies

An exploration of the experience of “health” in the age of the smart watch

A Study of Crisis

with a new Preface

A comprehensive study of the causes and consequences of war in the twentieth century

Video Scholarship and Screen Composing

Recasts expectations for scholarship and explores emerging methods of composing in the media-rich, networked spaces of digital screens


Sonic Adventure in the Anthropocene

Innovative scholarship at the crossroads of sound studies, ecocriticism, and radio history creates an engaging listening experience

Rhetorical Code Studies

Discovering Arguments in and around Code

An exploration of software code as meaningful communication through which amateur and professional software developers construct arguments—Winner of the 2017 DRC Book Prize!

Seeing the Past with Computers

Experiments with Augmented Reality and Computer Vision for History

A pathbreaking volume of innovative case studies exploring uses of visual technologies for historical research and teaching

Developing Writers in Higher Education

A Longitudinal Study

A comprehensive study offers new perspectives on college students’ writerly development across their undergraduate years


Culture in the Age of Apps

What insights reveal themselves if we take apps seriously, as key vectors of digital culture?

Sites of Translation

What Multilinguals Can Teach Us about Digital Writing and Rhetoric

A groundbreaking study of the inventive intellectual work performed by multilingual communicators who translate information in academic and professional spaces—Winner of the 2016 DRC Book Prize!

A World of Fiction

Digital Collections and the Future of Literary History

Proposes a new basis for data-rich literary history

Making Space

Writing Instruction, Infrastructure, and Multiliteracies

An inventive collection that explores how the design of spaces —physical, digital, infrastructural, and pedagogical—affects writing research and writing instruction


Rhetoric, Technology, and New Media Composition

An exploration of presymbolic rhetoricity across comics and other media in an innovative, interactive form

Big Digital Humanities

Imagining a Meeting Place for the Humanities and the Digital

An omnibus study of Digital Humanities and the rising opportunities for progress in this evolving field

Traces of the Old, Uses of the New

The Emergence of Digital Literary Studies

Mapping the history of digital literary scholarship, Earhart stakes a claim for discipline-specific histories of digital study

Performance and Media

Taxonomies for a Changing Field

An innovative approach for explicating and mapping work at the media and performance nexus

Proofs of Genius

Collected Editions from the American Revolution to the Digital Age

The first extensive study of the collected edition as an editorial genre and its obscured role in shaping the American literary canon

Digital Samaritans

Rhetorical Delivery and Engagement in the Digital Humanities

An investigation of the communicative objectives of Samaritans who are exploring the powerful expressive affordances of digital environments—Winner of the 2017 CCCC Research Impact Award!

Ethical Programs

Hospitality and the Rhetorics of Software

Explores the rhetorical potential and problems of a new era of hosts and guests

Digital Rhetoric

Theory, Method, Practice

A survey of a range of disciplines whose practitioners are venturing into the new field of digital rhetoric, examining the history of the ways digital and networked technologies inhabit and shape traditional rhetorical practices as well as considering new rhetorics made possible by current technologies

Web Writing

Why and How for Liberal Arts Teaching and Learning

Teaching writing across the curriculum with online tools

Tactics of the Human

Experimental Technics in American Fiction

A comparative literary perspective on emerging digital cultures and how the systems-thinking of Post-World War II information and dynamic systems theory have entered into everyday life and lived space, prompting tactical (re)understandings of the human

Interdisciplining Digital Humanities

Boundary Work in an Emerging Field

The first book to test the claim that the emerging field of Digital Humanities is interdisciplinary and also examines the boundary work of establishing and sustaining a new field of study

Writing History in the Digital Age

A born-digital project that asks how recent technologies have changed the ways that historians think, teach, author, and publish