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20th Century Literature

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Geographies of Relation

Diasporas and Borderlands in the Americas

How diaspora and borderlands subjects from across the Americas have represented and performed their interrelationship

Legal Stories

Narrative-Based Property Development in the Modern Copyright Era

How copyright law and the practice of narrative-based property development influenced each other before 1978

Protest Arts, Gender, and Social Change

Fiction, Popular Songs, and the Media in Hausa Society across Borders

The role of literature and popular songs in the cultural politics of Hausa society

Yosano Akiko and The Tale of Genji

Revised Edition

A major contribution to the study of an important Japanese woman writer and a masterwork of reader reception studies

Winged Words

The Life and Work of the Poet H.D.

A fresh look at the life and work of modernist poet H.D.

Collecting Lives

Critical Data Narrative as Modernist Aesthetic in Early Twentieth-Century U.S. Literatures

How a group of modernist writers used their training as empiricists to create a data-driven aesthetic

The Buddhist Poetry of the Great Kamo Priestess

Daisaiin Senshi and Hosshin Wakashu

Provides new translations and sensitive readings of the devotional Buddhist poems of Senshi, the Great Kamo Priestess of the Heian period

Black Eggs

Poems by Kurihara Sadako

The poetic voice of one of Japan’s greatest 20th-century poets

The Wild Goose

A recreation of Tokyo in the 1880s by one of Japan’s most influential novelists

Sukeroku’s Double Identity

The Dramatic Structure of Edo Kabuki

A study of traditional Edo kabuki through the play Sukeroku.

Spectral Characters

Genre and Materiality on the Modern Stage

Reimagines modern drama by shining light on the ghostly presences within it

Everyone’s Theater

Literature and Daily Life in England, 1860–1914

Connects the practices of the professional Victorian stage to the world of the amateur theatricals across England and its empire

Dialectical Imaginaries

Materialist Approaches to U.S. Latino/a Literature in the Age of Neoliberalism

Gathers materialist readings that provide productive new insights on Latino/a literature in the neoliberal era


Selected Writings

The first English translations of key essays, stories, and poems by Nimrod, a major figure in contemporary African letters

The Rise of the African Novel

Politics of Language, Identity, and Ownership

Engaging questions of language, identity, and reception to restore South African and diaspora writing to the African literary tradition

The Gourmet Club

A Sextet

Six short stories by Tanizaki Jun'ichiro (1886–1965), capturing the breadth of his literary oeuvre

Red Roofs and Other Stories

Four short stories by master storyteller, Tanizaki Jun'ichiro, newly translated into English

Strangers in Berlin

Modern Jewish Literature between East and West, 1919–1933

Insightful look at the interactions between German and migrant Jewish writers and the creative spectrum of Jewish identity

The Textuality of Soulwork

Jack Kerouac's Quest for Spontaneous Prose

A new critical perspective on Kerouac's work and his textual practices.

Poetry Los Angeles

Reading the Essential Poems of the City

A look at the poetry of one of America’s most populous and fascinating cities, with poems spanning from 1942 to 2012

The Metanarrative of Blindness

A Re-reading of Twentieth-Century Anglophone Writing

Sheds new light on literary representations of blindness from a disability studies perspective

Conquering Demons

The “Kirishitan,” Japan, and the World in Early Modern Japanese Literature

Examines the origins and influence of three popular anti-Kirishitan (anti-Christian) works from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Architecture and Modern Literature

Exploring the related cultural forms of architecture and literature in the modern era