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The Currency of Truth

Newsmaking and the Late-Socialist Imaginaries of China's Digital Era

Explores the complex interpersonal networks and differing ethical standpoints that shape the news in China

Sartorial Fandom

Fashion, Beauty Culture, and Identity

Explores the intersections of fandom and fashion

Becoming a Social Science Researcher

Quest and Context

The philosophical, sociological, and psychological dimensions of research

Cinema Ann Arbor

How Campus Rebels Forged a Singular Film Culture

A fascinating journey into the DIY spirit of a highly influential film community

Genre Explained

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Genre-Based Instruction

Genre Explained presents accessible, research-grounded answers to 40 questions that teachers frequently have about genre-based writing instruction

The State You See

How Government Visibility Creates Political Distrust and Racial Inequality

How race affects Americans' experiences of government

The Enduring Legacy

Structured Inequality in America's Public Schools

The moral failure of American structured inequality in education

Reader's Choice, 6th Edition

6th Edition

Teaching students complex reading strategies for everyday and academic reading

Mediterranean in Dis/order

Space, Power, and Identity

Multidisciplinary rethinking of space and power

Trial by Farce

A Dozen Medieval French Comedies in English for the Modern Stage

In the Middle Ages as now, the search for justice can make for high drama—or low drama—as in these hilarious French legal farces in translation

Accustomed to Obedience?

Classical Ionia and the Aegean World, 480–294 BCE

A dedicated study of Classical Ionia

Disruptions as Opportunities

Governing Chinese Society with Interactive Authoritarianism

How authoritarian states adapt to new phenomena

Following in Footsteps or Marching Alone?

How Institutional Differences Influence Renewable Energy Policy

Renewable energy policies and the politics of resource management

Democracy's News

A Primer on Journalism for Citizens Who Care about Democracy

How a free press can unite America

Rejuvenating Communism

Youth Organizations and Elite Renewal in Post-Mao China

How the Chinese party-state attracts young officials to renew its elite

Twilight of the American State

The American law state's many personalities create its political-legal dysfunction, setting the stage for new eras including the rise of Trump

The Taylor Mac Book

Ritual, Realness and Radical Performance

Brings together the voices of scholars, critics, and artists to celebrate the genius of Taylor Mac

Living Labor

Fiction, Film, and Precarious Work

Examines new narratives about work and workers in the age of transnational migration and precarious labor

Memetic Rhetorics

Toward a Toolkit for Ethical Meming

Approaches memes from a rhetorical ethical perspective to examine what makes a successful meme and how memes operate in digital groups

Collateral Damage

The Influence of Political Rhetoric on the Incorporation of Second-Generation Americans

Anti-immigration rhetoric negatively affects second generation Americans

Imagining Iberia in English and Castilian Medieval Romance

An innovative comparative study of Middle English and medieval Castilian romance

Moderate Modernity

The Newspaper Tempo and the Transformation of Weimar Democracy

A history of “Germany’s most modern newspaper” through the rise of the Nazis and the collapse of Germany’s first democracy