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Poetry at the End of Print Culture

Exploring the form and significance of poetry in a digital age

The Imaginary Present

Essays in Quantum Poetics

Exploring the questions of the universe through poetry and science


How I Solved a Literary Mystery and Learned to Play Kickass Tennis while Coming to Grips with the Disorder of Things

On writing, researching, and tennis

How to Draw a Circle

On Reading and Writing

An examination of what binds poetic endeavor into a singular, shining whole

Joy (Or Something Darker, but Like It)

poetry & parenting

Thinking about parenting through the lens of poetry

The Next Draft

Inspiring Craft Talks from the Rainier Writing Workshop

Essays inspiring readers to take an innovative approach to writing

To Go Into the Words

A critical look at transcendence and a radical delight with language

Notes from the North Country

A year-long diary of observations of the seasonal changes in Eustis's northern Michigan home.

A Braided Heart

Essays on Writing and Form

An accessible and personable guide to writing creative nonfiction

The News from Poems

Essays on the 21st-Century American Poetry of Engagement

A groundbreaking collection explores contemporary American poetry’s relation to social critique and the public sphere

The Game Changed

Essays and Other Prose

Essays on poetry by the most important poet-lawyer of our era

Diary of a Poem

A humorous and insightful collection of essays on poetry and its process

Selected Prose Works

The first appearance in English of important prose works by poet C. P. Cavafy

Unauthorized Voices

Essays on Poets and Poetry, 1987-2009

Editor of the acclaimed Poets on Poetry series collects her own essays on the subject

The Lover of a Subversive Is Also a Subversive

Essays and Commentaries

Essays from a nationally acclaimed Latino poet

Still on Call

A prolific, popular writer takes on everything from the 1940s to E. L. Doctorow to blogging

Coming After

Essays on Poetry

A collection of critical pieces by acclaimed poet Alice Notley, author of Mysteries of Small Houses and Disobedience

First Loves and Other Adventures

Award-winning poet explores the exhilaration of reading

Poetics of Dislocation

A prominent poet brings the experience of the world to her struggles to find her place in America, and explores what the many cultures in this country mean for poets practicing their craft

The Left-Handed Story

Writing and the Writer's Life

A collection of enlightening and entertaining essays and personal narratives on topics such as the craft of fiction, children’s literature, fairy tales, and art

Orpheus in the Bronx

Essays on Identity, Politics, and the Freedom of Poetry

Essays by the distinguished contemporary poet and writer Reginald Shepherd explore among other subjects personal history, the meaning of beauty, and gay poets

Ed Dorn Live

Lectures, Interviews, and Outtakes

Collects the commentary of the later years and last days of one of America's most powerful and unique poets

Make Us Wave Back

Essays on Poetry and Influence

A collection of essays, written over twenty years, trace the author's literary temperament

On Louise Gluck

Change What You See

Essays by leading critics, poets, and scholars that explore the work of recent U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer prize winner Louise Glück