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Narrative Podcasting in an Age of Obsession

Evaluating the rise of podcasting and the storytelling trends that emerged

Disorienting Politics

Chimerican Media and Transpacific Entanglements

Understanding Chimerican entanglements through 21st-century media

The Time of Laughter

Comedy and the Media Cultures of Japan

How laughter shapes contemporary Japanese media

Rock This Way

Cultural Constructions of Musical Legitimacy

What remixes, covers, mash-ups, and parodies say about the perceived legitimacy of music making

Televising Chineseness

Gender, Nation, and Subjectivity

Offers new understandings of gender construction and nation-building through the lens of recent Chinese television programs.

Soda Goes Pop

Pepsi-Cola Advertising and Popular Music

Pepsi turned pop music in commercials from novelty to norm—with profound effects on both American culture and commerce

Imagining Politics

Interpretations in Political Science and Political Television

Narrative on television and scholarly narrative reveal the secret underbelly of politics and political science

The Media Welfare State

Nordic Media in the Digital Era

A dynamic examination of the media industry in the Nordic countries during the transition to today's digital environment

Envisioning Socialism

Television and the Cold War in the German Democratic Republic

The first examination in English of East German television during the early Cold War

Acts of Conspicuous Compassion

Performance Culture and American Charity Practices

Illuminates the relationship between performance and the American charity movement

The Wire

Race, Class, and Genre

Wide-ranging perspectives on "the best dramatic series ever created"

Tomboys, Pretty Boys, and Outspoken Women

The Media Revolution of 1973

The origins of our culture's obessions with reality-based media

When Media Are New

Understanding the Dynamics of New Media Adoption and Use

An in-depth study of the fascinating relationship between new media and everyday life

Playing Doctor

Television, Storytelling, and Medical Power

New and expanded edition

A classic look at doctors in television, updated with two decades of new shows and research

Media, Technology, and Society

Theories of Media Evolution

Top media studies scholars discuss the evolution of media

Acting Jewish

Negotiating Ethnicity on the American Stage and Screen

Examines how notions of Jewishness have been conveyed in a range of television, stage, and film productions since the end of World War II

Television Violence and Public Policy

Discusses why and how we should rate the content of television programs for violence

Feminine Frequencies

Gender, German Radio, and the Public Sphere 1923-1945

Provides the first sustained historical account of the Frauenfunk, women's radio programming in Weimar and Nazi Germany