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Writers on Writing (Series)

A good writer is first a good reader. Looking at craft from the inside, with an intimate knowledge of its range and possibilities, writers also make some of our most insightful critics. With this series we will bring together the work of some of our finest writers on the subject they know best, discussing their own work and that of others, as well as concentrating on craft and other aspects of the writer's world.

Series Editor
Jay Parini, poet, novelist, biographer, and critic, is the author of numerous books, including The Apprentice Lover and One Matchless Time: A Life of William Faulkner. Currently he is D. E. Axinn Professor of English & Creative Writing at Middlebury College.

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How I Solved a Literary Mystery and Learned to Play Kickass Tennis while Coming to Grips with the Disorder of Things

On writing, researching, and tennis

The Next Draft

Inspiring Craft Talks from the Rainier Writing Workshop

Essays inspiring readers to take an innovative approach to writing

Millions of Suns

On Writing and Life

Invites all writers to share their own perspective

Going to the Tigers

Essays and Exhortations

The art of fiction, uncaged

A Braided Heart

Essays on Writing and Form

An accessible and personable guide to writing creative nonfiction

A Hundred Himalayas

Essays on Life and Literature

Collected essays on the persistence of preoccupation and the absence of theory

Selected Prose Works

The first appearance in English of important prose works by poet C. P. Cavafy

Still on Call

A prolific, popular writer takes on everything from the 1940s to E. L. Doctorow to blogging

American Audacity

Literary Essays North and South

From one of America's preeminent critics and essayists, a new book in the series Writers on Writing casts new light on some of America's literary masters

A Critic's Journey

One of the leading voices in Latino literature writes about his life and work

The Left-Handed Story

Writing and the Writer's Life

A collection of enlightening and entertaining essays and personal narratives on topics such as the craft of fiction, children’s literature, fairy tales, and art

Understanding Assisted Suicide

Nine Issues to Consider

A personal journey into the issues surrounding assisted suicide that covers the widest range of topics and positions on the subject

Make Us Wave Back

Essays on Poetry and Influence

A collection of essays, written over twenty years, trace the author's literary temperament