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Uncanny Creatures

Doll Thinking in Modern German Culture

How dolls have fascinated writers, thinkers, and artists alike in Modern German culture

Samurai with Telephones

Anachronism in Japanese Literature

What anachronisms reveal about historical narratives through Early Modern and Modern Japanese cultural products

Learning to Love

Intimacy and the Discourse of Development in China

Understanding generational trauma through a method of self-care

How to Draw a Circle

On Reading and Writing

An examination of what binds poetic endeavor into a singular, shining whole

Joy (Or Something Darker, but Like It)

poetry & parenting

Thinking about parenting through the lens of poetry

Corpse Crusaders

The Zombie in American Comics

Unearthing the undead stalking the panels of action/adventure and superhero comics

Navigating the English Language Classroom

Effective Practices for Novice Teachers

Guiding new teachers as they transition to the classroom

The Bastard Instrument

A Cultural History of the Electric Bass

Centering the electric bass in popular music history

Alchemies of Theater

Plays, Scores, Writings

 Illuminating the extensive contributions of Dick Higgins to theater

Cue Tears

On the Act of Crying

Lively essays on the meanings and methods of tears in performance

Legal Stories

Narrative-Based Property Development in the Modern Copyright Era

How copyright law and the practice of narrative-based property development influenced each other before 1978

Garden of Egypt

Irrigation, Society, and the State in the Premodern Fayyum

Examining how relationships with water flow through Egyptian history

Generational Politics in the United States

From the Silents to Gen Z and Beyond

How generational change impacts the future of American politics

Assault on the Media

The Nixon Years

New and expanded edition, Updated with Analysis of 21st Century Threats to Democracy

Taking a 21st century look at the lasting effects of Nixon-era attacks on journalism

Revolutionary Stagecraft

Theater, Technology, and Politics in Modern China

Reveals the deep entanglement of technological modernization, political agendas, and the performing arts in modern China

Narrative Podcasting in an Age of Obsession

Evaluating the rise of podcasting and the storytelling trends that emerged

Disorienting Politics

Chimerican Media and Transpacific Entanglements

Understanding Chimerican entanglements through 21st-century media

Staging Blackness

Representations of Race in German-Speaking Drama and Theater

Examining how Blackness has been historically staged in German theater and how it should be represented today

Performing the Greek Crisis

Navigating National Identity in the Age of Austerity

Examining how changes in dance amid the Greek financial crisis altered perceptions and discourses of Greece’s culture and national identity

After Disruption

A Future for Cultural Memory

How we plan for and develop a more just, sustainable, and healthy future for memory infrastructure

The Dynamics of European Integration

Causes and Consequences of Institutional Choices

Examines how certain policy models can work within the context of dissensus and polarization in Europe while still promoting solidarity and trust in the European Union