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How Informal Institutions Matter

Evidence from Turkish Social and Political Spheres

with a foreword by B. Guy Peters

Informal institutions are core to political life

Transforming Vòdún

Musical Change and Postcolonial Healing in Benin's Jazz and Brass Band Music

How musicians from the West African Republic of Benin transform Benin’s cultural traditions

Reimagining the Educated Citizen

Creole Pedagogies in the Transatlantic World, 1685-1896

A radical egalitarian vision of the transatlantic, creole roots of American public education

Walking the Gendered Tightrope

Theresa May and Nancy Pelosi as Legislative Leaders

Examines how women in higher office must balance feminine stereotypes with exercising their power

International Organizations and Research Methods

An Introduction

Methodologies for the study of International organizations

Life, Earth, Colony

Friedrich Ratzel's Necropolitical Geography

A critical exploration of Friedrich Ratzel and the relationship between colonial and fascist necropolitics

Administering Justice

Placing the Chief Justice in American State Politics

The role and power of state chief justices in and out of the courtroom

The Fourth Amendment

Original Understandings and Modern Policing

Untangling how the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments have influenced U.S. policing

Making Endless War

The Vietnam and Arab-Israeli Conflicts in the History of International Law

How two conflicts have shaped the relationship between law and war since 1945

Between Sahara and Sea

Africa in the Roman Empire

David Mattingly’s long-awaited book on North Africa and the Romans

The Time of Laughter

Comedy and the Media Cultures of Japan

How laughter shapes contemporary Japanese media

Rock This Way

Cultural Constructions of Musical Legitimacy

What remixes, covers, mash-ups, and parodies say about the perceived legitimacy of music making

Listening with a Feminist Ear

Soundwork in Bombay Cinema

On the cultural politics and possibilities of sound in cinema

The Medieval Constitution of Liberty

Political Foundations of Liberalism in the West

Locating the roots of western liberal democracy in the late medieval period rather than the Age of Enlightenment

Writing Imperial History

Tacitus from Agricola to Annales

Analyzes how Tacitus contributed to our current understanding of history and reveals the themes that permeated his writing

Women in German Expressionism

Gender, Sexuality, Activism

Literary scholarship questions and challenges the limited and fossilized gender narrative of German Expressionism

Congo Style

From Belgian Art Nouveau to African Independence

Examines the impact of colonial Belgium’s influence on the Congo’s visual culture

Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way

Mapping Embodied Indigenous Performance

A unique in-depth study of a culture-specific approach to Indigenous dramaturgy that challenges Eurocentric ideologies

Racing the Great White Way

Black Performance, Eugene O’Neill, and the Transformation of Broadway

How artists of color challenged racist stereotypes on the Broadway stage

Lobbying the Autocrat

The Dynamics of Policy Advocacy in Nondemocracies

The surprising symbiosis between dictators and citizen lobbyists complicates our understanding of autocratic regimes

Lagos Never Spoils

Nollywood and Nigerian City Life

Examines the relationship between Nollywood and the city of Lagos

The Creativity Complex

Art, Tech, and the Seduction of an Idea

How notions of creativity have evolved to serve the goals of neoliberalism—and what we can do about it

Technical Territories

Data, Subjects, and Spaces in Infrastructural Asia

Toward a geography of infrastructure