Marilyn Krysl

Marilyn Krysl’s books of poetry and short stories include Warscape with Lovers, winner of the 1997 Cleveland State Poetry Prize, and Dinner with Osama, a collection of short fiction that won Foreword Magazine’s 2008 Book of the Year Bronze Medal. As Artist in Residence at Dr. Jean Watson’s Center for Human Caring at the University of Colorado, she wrote Midwife, a collection of poems describing the lives and work of caregivers, and Soulskin, which showcases alternative healers. She has been an ESL teacher in the People’s Republic of China, volunteered as an unarmed bodyguard for Peace Brigade International in Sri Lanka, and tended to the needy at Mother Teresa’s Kalighat Home for the Destitute and Dying in Calcutta. Additionally, she teaches writing and performs her work at nursing conferences across the United States and abroad.

Books By Marilyn Krysl