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African Studies

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Before Before

A Story of Discovery and Loss in Sierra Leone

Reflecting on how building connections with others is necessary for humanity’s survival

Speaking Our Selves

New Plays by African Women

Foreword by Esi Sutherland-Addy

Bringing African drama to an English-speaking audience

Typologies of Humor in African Literatures

Examining humor and four of its archetypes in twentieth-century African literature

Between HIV Prevention and LGBTI Rights

The Political Economy of Queer Activism in Ghana

Examining the impacts of global development processes and HIV response on queer politics and activism in Ghana

Protest Arts, Gender, and Social Change

Fiction, Popular Songs, and the Media in Hausa Society across Borders

The role of literature and popular songs in the cultural politics of Hausa society

The Imaginative Vision of Abdilatif Abdalla’s Voice of Agony

Poems Translated by Ken Walibora Waliaula

First English literary translation of Abdilatif Abadalla’s influential Voice of Agony

Transforming Vòdún

Musical Change and Postcolonial Healing in Benin's Jazz and Brass Band Music

How musicians from the West African Republic of Benin transform Benin’s cultural traditions

Between Sahara and Sea

Africa in the Roman Empire

David Mattingly’s long-awaited book on North Africa and the Romans

Congo Style

From Belgian Art Nouveau to African Independence

Examines the impact of colonial Belgium’s influence on the Congo’s visual culture

Lagos Never Spoils

Nollywood and Nigerian City Life

Examines the relationship between Nollywood and the city of Lagos

Continuous Pasts

Frictions of Memory in Postcolonial Africa

Investigates the ways in which postcolonial African fiction deals with or, in some cases, becomes the source of memory friction

Writing on the Soil

Land and Landscape in Literature from Eastern and Southern Africa

How representations of land and landscape perform important metaphorical labor in African literatures

Peace, Preference, and Property

Return Migration after Violent Conflict

A bottom-up analysis of what displaced people need rather than what states want

In Search of Tunga

Prosperity, Almighty God, and Lives in Motion in a Malian Provincial Town

The lives of young male Muslim “adventurers” in a Malian town

African Students in East Germany, 1949-1975

Describes the lived experiences of African students in communist East Germany to shed new light on the history of Germany, Africa, and decolonization

Power / Knowledge / Land

Contested Ontologies of Land and Its Governance in Africa

Explores contested truths surrounding land governance in Africa and beyond

The Evolution of Settlement Systems in the Region of Vohémar, Northeast Madagascar

In this monograph, Henry T. Wright reports on the results of a four-year archaeological survey on the northeast coast of Madagascar, near the town of Vohémar. Researchers found evidence of a roughly 600-year-old port site; early estuarine villages of the 7th and 8th centuries; and a rock shelter with microlithic tools.

The Infrastructures of Security

Technologies of Risk Management in Johannesburg

The shift from dependence upon human decision-making in security services to Artificial Intelligence

Disability and Social Justice in Kenya

Scholars, Policymakers, and Activists in Conversation

The first interdisciplinary and multivocal study of its kind to review achievements and challenges related to the situation of persons with disabilities in Kenya today

Mobility, Mobilization, and Counter/Insurgency

The Routes of Terror in an African Context

Mobility as the driving force of armed conflict

African Performance Arts and Political Acts

Explores how performance arts, whether staged or in daily life, regularly interface with political action across the African continent

There Used to Be Order

Life on the Copperbelt after the Privatisation of the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines

Privatization and social change in the Copperbelt region of Zambia

Animated by Uncertainty

Rugby and the Performance of History in South Africa

Examines the political significance of rugby in South Africa’s post-apartheid present

Physical Space and Spatiality in Muslim Societies

Notes on the Social Production of Cities

The conscious construction of urban space

Aso Ebi

Dress, Fashion, Visual Culture, and Urban Cosmopolitanism in West Africa

The visual culture of aso ebi fashion in Nigerian and West African society