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Incarceration Games

A History of Role-Play in Psychology, Prisons, and Performance

Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment and other psychological experiments as performance and theater

Seriously Mad

Mental Distress and the Broadway Musical

Explores the history of American musical theater’s engagement with notions of madness, from Man of La Mancha to A Strange Loop

Freudian Slips

Woman, Writing, the Foreign Tongue

A feminist critic provides the first book-length literary exploration of Freud's classic study, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.

"Destined to Fail"

Carl Seashore’s World of Eugenics, Psychology, Education, and Music

How eugenics became a keystone of modern educational policy

The Future of Digital Surveillance

Why Digital Monitoring Will Never Lose Its Appeal in a World of Algorithm-Driven AI

We are willing participants in our own surveillance

Sex between Body and Mind

Psychoanalysis and Sexology in the German-speaking World, 1890s-1930s

A groundbreaking cross-disciplinary account of how sex became an object of scientific study in modernity

Not Straight from Germany

Sexual Publics and Sexual Citizenship since Magnus Hirschfeld

Investigates the role of sex and sexuality in early 20th-century German culture, and how this past continues to shape the present

Embroidering the Scarlet A

Unwed Mothers and Illegitimate Children in American Fiction and Film

The first book-length study of changing cultural representations of unwed mothers in American fiction and film, from The Scarlet Letter to Juno

Jean Paton and the Struggle to Reform American Adoption

One woman’s tireless crusade for better understanding and social justice for adopted people

Researching Black Communities

A Methodological Guide

Practical advice for conducting social science research in racial and ethnic minority populations

Beyond Groupthink

Political Group Dynamics and Foreign Policy-making

Effects of group dynamics on decision making

The Psychological Assessment of Political Leaders

With Profiles of Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton

An effective system of at-a-distance evaluation combined with comprehensive political and psychological profiles

Striving to Save

Creating Policies for Financial Security of Low-Income Families

The struggles of low-income families trying to build savings accounts

Remembering to Live

Illness at the Intersection of Anxiety and Knowledge in Rural Indonesia

An ethnographic exploration of health, illness, and healing among a poor, rural Indonesian people

Look at Me!

The Fame Motive from Childhood to Death

A unique study of the desire for fame, its origins, and its consequences from one of the leading scholars in the field of human and child development

The Accidental Teacher

Life Lessons from My Silent Son

An Autism Memoir

A mother's honest, unvarnished, and touching memoir about the life lessons she learned from a son with autism

Lost and Found

The Adoption Experience

3rd Edition, Expanded and Updated

Explores the obstacles and issues that adoptees, orphans, and foster children face when they have been separated from a parent or denied the right to know their origins

Architexts of Memory

Literature, Science, and Autobiography

Offers a powerful model that uses literature to help fathom the nature of remembrance

The Color of Privilege

Three Blasphemies on Race and Feminism

Sheds new light on women's differing responses to feminism according to factors of ethnicity and race

The Limits of Heroism

Homer and the Ethics of Reading

Explores the relationship of desire to heroic ideology in both the Iliad and the Odyssey

Melancholy, Love, and Time

Boundaries of the Self in Ancient Literature

An examination of the effects and meaning of emotional states of distress in ancient literature

Telling Incest

Narratives of Dangerous Remembering from Stein to Sapphire

An exploration of how specific historical contexts, narrative conventions, and cultural politics shape the ways that stories of incest are told and heard

Light from the Ashes

Social Science Careers of Young Holocaust Refugees and Survivors

Child survivors of the Holocaust and World War II share their life experiences—and how they became social scientists