Middle and Near Eastern Studies

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Making Sense of the Arab State

Exploring the surprising strengths and weaknesses of the Arab state


The Economy of Colonial Desire

Establishes the homosocial dynamics of colonial desire as evidenced in Orientalist narrative

Turkey and the Kurdish Peace Process

Actors, Issues, and Context

The Kurdish peace process represents a major shift in theoretical and practical approaches to peace studies

The Many Faces of Political Islam, Second Edition

Religion and Politics in Muslim Societies

2nd Edition

A comprehensive examination of the true relationship between Islam and global politics

Getting Rich in Late Antique Egypt

A nuanced examination that illuminates the Apion estate’s economic structure and addresses how the family was able to generate such wealth

Medieval Jerusalem

Forging an Islamic City in Spaces Sacred to Christians and Jews

A compelling consideration of Jerusalem during the formative period of Islamic civilization

The Politics of the Trail

Reflexive Mountain Biking along the Frontier of Jerusalem

A history of conflict on display through a morning commute through Jerusalem

Identity, Place, and Subversion in Contemporary Mizrahi Cinema in Israel

A comprehensive examination of Mizrahi film and its relationship to the formulation of Mizrahi ethnic identity in contemporary Israeli cinema

The One-State Solution

A Breakthrough for Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Deadlock

A piercing analysis of the Israel-PLO impasse and a sensitive proposal for a way out

The U.S. Army Stability Operations Field Manual

U.S. Army Field Manual No. 3-07

The University of Michigan Press Edition

A milestone in Army doctrine

Our Sisters' Promised Land

Women, Politics, and Israeli-Palestinian Coexistence

A groundbreaking study of the role of women as political actors—and peacemakers—in the Middle East

Jerusalem Besieged

From Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel

A sweeping history of four thousand years of struggle for control of one city

Democratic Designs

International Intervention and Electoral Practices in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

Examines the world of humanitarian aid workers and the processes of democratization that they put into effect in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Defending the Holy Land

A Critical Analysis of Israel's Security and Foreign Policy

A landmark analysis of the entire history of Israel's defense and foreign policies and a fundamental reassessment of its security doctrine

Terracotta Figurines and Plaques from Dura-Europos

An exhaustive study of the terracotta figurines unearthed at the site of Dura-Europos

Women of Jeme

Lives in a Coptic Town in Late Antique Egypt

Brings to life the women of Jeme, a thriving Christian community in ancient Egypt

Intersections in Turkish Literature

Essays in Honor of James Stewart-Robinson

A collection of essays on Turkish literature that provides insights into pivotal issues of Turkish culture

U.S. Orientalisms

Race, Nation, and Gender in Literature, 1790-1890

Uncovers the roots of Americans' construction of the "Orient" by examining the work of nineteenth-century authors

The Middle East Remembered

Forged Identities, Competing Narratives, Contested Spaces

A meditation on the art of history-writing in the medieval Near East

The Limits of Coexistence

Identity Politics in Israel

Assesses the factors that will determine whether Jews and Palestinians can live together in peace