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Judicial Politics

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Administering Justice

Placing the Chief Justice in American State Politics

The role and power of state chief justices in and out of the courtroom

In Contempt

Defending Free Speech, Defeating HUAC

How an American Family Went to the Supreme Court with a First Amendment Defense and Beat HUAC

Democracy and Deliberation

The Law and Politics of Sex Offender Legislation

Balancing law and rights in sex offender legislation

Inconsistency and Indecision in the United States Supreme Court

The Supreme Court cannot be both efficient and consistent, and thus fails in its Constitutional mandate

The Chief Justice

Appointment and Influence

Scholars use the most advanced methods in judicial studies to examine the role of Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Common Law Judging

Subjectivity, Impartiality, and the Making of Law

Moving beyond the subjectivity-objectivity debate, Edlin presents a case for intersubjectivity

The Limits of Legitimacy

Dissenting Opinions, Media Coverage, and Public Responses to Supreme Court Decisions

An exploration of how sensationalist reporting, which emphasizes dissenting opinions and dramatizes complex legal issues, fosters public controversy and influences citizens’ reactions to Supreme Court decisions

Law, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Terrorism

In democratic states, the courts can help safeguard civil liberties against excessive legislative and executive efforts to combat terrorism

Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings in the U.S. Senate

Reconsidering the Charade

How much do Supreme Court nominees reveal at their confirmation hearings, and how do their answers affect senators' votes?

Oral Arguments and Coalition Formation on the U.S. Supreme Court

A Deliberate Dialogue

Oral arguments are a key aspect of the Supreme Court's decision-making process

Brandishing the First Amendment

Commercial Expression in America

How the First Amendment has been aggressively and inappropriately expanded by commercial entities

The Supreme Court and the NCAA

The Case for Less Commercialism and More Due Process in College Sports

Porto identifies the Court’s role in shaping college sports and advances a prescription for reform


Political Identity and Tragic Compromise

New analysis of a fundamental concept in politics and law, by a pair of influential and respected scholars

Judges and Unjust Laws

Common Law Constitutionalism and the Foundations of Judicial Review

Are judges legally obligated to enforce an unjust law?

The Supreme Court on Trial

How the American Justice System Sacrifices Innocent Defendants

Has the American criminal justice system abandoned its duty to protect the innocent?

The Great Justices, 1941-54

Black, Douglas, Frankfurter, and Jackson in Chambers

An illuminating look at how the egos and ambitions of four celebrated Supreme Court justices affected their thinking on issues that still resonate today