Jewish Studies

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Singing the Land

Hebrew Music and Early Zionism in America

How song shaped American Zionism

Instrument of Memory

Encounters with the Wandering Jew

Reimagining the Wandering Jew legend and the curse of immortality in centuries of Jewish and Christian art

Biblical Judgments

New Legal Readings in the Hebrew Bible

Analyzes the classical stories of the Hebrew Bible through the lens of modern law

The Dybbuk Century

The Jewish Play That Possessed the World

How a 100-year-old play about spiritual possession beyond the grave continues to engage and fascinate

Visual Syntax of Race

Arab-Jews in Zionist Visual Culture

The visual representation of racial thought

The Medieval Postcolonial Jew, In and Out of Time

Confronts the fraught temporal dissonances that are written into the structure of sacred Jewish and Christian time

Open Wounds

Holocaust Theater and the Legacy of George Tabori

Explores the irreverent theater of George Tabori and its enduring legacy within Holocaust theater

Anti-Heimat Cinema

The Jewish Invention of the German Landscape

Jewish filmmakers inspire New German Cinema within the discursive landscape of the German “Heimat”


Plundering German Jewry, 1933-1953

Comparative context for understanding the experience of the German Jewry in the wake of Nazi plundering, racism, and genocide

The Politics of American Jews

Uses extensive data to show that everything we think we know about the voting behavior of American Jews is wrong.

Everywoman Her Own Theology

On the Poetry of Alicia Suskin Ostriker

Much admired by readers for decades, Alicia Ostriker is celebrated by her peers in fresh and insightful essays

Strange Cocktail

Translation and the Making of Modern Hebrew Poetry

A compelling exploration of the relation between translation and writing in the development of modern Hebrew poetry

Yiddish Empire

The Vilna Troupe, Jewish Theater, and the Art of Itinerancy

Relates the untold story of a traveling Yiddish theater company and traces their far- reaching influence

Passing Illusions

Jewish Visibility in Weimar Germany

Challenges the notion that Weimar Jews sought to be invisible or indistinguishable from other Germans by “passing” as non-Jews


Cosmopolitanisms and the Jews

The first conceptual history of the development and evolution of the image of Jews and Jewish participation in modern German-speaking cosmopolitanist thought


Medieval Jerusalem

Forging an Islamic City in Spaces Sacred to Christians and Jews

A compelling consideration of Jerusalem during the formative period of Islamic civilization

The Critics and the Prioress

Antisemitism, Criticism, and Chaucer's Prioress's Tale

Reinvigorating the scholarly debate surrounding approaches to one of Chaucer’s most notorious tales

Hideous Characters and Beautiful Pagans

Performing Jewish Identity on the Antebellum American Stage

Shows how the earliest representations of Jewish characters on American stages mirrored treatment of Jewish Americans outside the playhouse

Three-Way Street

Jews, Germans, and the Transnational

Tracing Germany’s significance as an essential crossroads and incubator for modern Jewish culture

Strangers in Berlin

Modern Jewish Literature between East and West, 1919–1933

Insightful look at the interactions between German and migrant Jewish writers and the creative spectrum of Jewish identity

Queer Roots for the Diaspora

Ghosts in the Family Tree

Uses comparative narratives to explore the dualism between marginalization and the desire for roots within a rooted identity

Franz Kafka

Subversive Dreamer

An erudite analysis of the critical and subversive dimensions of Kafka’s writings

Never Better!

The Modern Jewish Picaresque

A fascinating study of the picaresque protagonists of Yiddish literature and their minority authors

Languages of Modern Jewish Cultures

Comparative Perspectives

A fascinating discussion of Jewish multiculturalism through the range of Jewish lingualisms, cultures, and history

Beyond Berlin

Twelve German Cities Confront the Nazi Past

A compelling exploration of the myriad ways in which German cities have confronted their Nazi pasts