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Triangulations: Lesbian/Gay/Queer Theater/Drama/Performance (Series)

Triangulations focuses on theater, drama, and performance in all its interdisciplinary and historical variety, and in all its professional and community manifestations. We define the term "performance" generously, ranging from dramatic literature staged in theater buildings to everyday rituals that constitute performance (such as commitment ceremonies or memorial services) to the performative dimensions of sex, sexuality, gender, race, and other identity categories. At the same time, we remain committed to scholarship about work that is specifically theatrical in reception and intent, from work at various lesbian and gay theaters and performance spaces, to activist groups around the country who use theatrical spectacle to political effect.
We seek book projects that will address both critics and practitioners, and help to create important conversations around the performance work and critical ideas that they produce. Triangulations encourages manuscripts that demonstrate the creative and intellectual collaborations possible among gay/lesbian/queer critics, activists, playwrights, performers, and theorists. The series also encourages cross-gender, cross-race, cross-ethnicity, inter-identity conversations. Our intent is to be inclusive across disciplines, across practices, and across communities, as well as reaching out within other aspects of the theater studies discipline.

Series Editors
Ramón H. Rivera-Servera, University of Texas Austin
Sara Warner, Cornell University

Founding Editors
Jill Dolan, Princeton University
David Román, University of Southern California

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Staging Desire

Queer Readings of American Theater History

Recovers the hidden history of theater professionals who transgressed the gendered expectations of their time

Lady Dicks and Lesbian Brothers

Staging the Unimaginable at the WOW Café Theatre

Parody, cross-dressing, zany comedy, and unbridled eroticism at a women's theater space in the East Village

Bulldaggers, Pansies, and Chocolate Babies

Performance, Race, and Sexuality in the Harlem Renaissance

Gay and lesbians in Harlem nightclubs, speakeasies, rent parties, and on Broadway stages

The Taylor Mac Book

Ritual, Realness and Radical Performance

Brings together the voices of scholars, critics, and artists to celebrate the genius of Taylor Mac

Queer Nightlife

Evocative essays and interviews that celebrate the expressive possibilities of a world after dark


The Politics of Puerto Rican Drag and Trans Performance

Argues for the political potential of drag and trans performance in Puerto Rico and its diaspora

Prismatic Performances

Queer South Africa and the Fragmentation of the Rainbow Nation

Exploring the contradictions of post-Apartheid South Africa through performance

The Bodies of Others

Drag Dances and Their Afterlives

The first book-length exploration of drag dance in the U.S.

Charles Ludlam Lives!

Charles Busch, Bradford Louryk, Taylor Mac, and the Queer Legacy of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company

Explores the enduring queer legacy of playwright, actor, and director Charles Ludlam


Memories of the Revolution

The First Ten Years of the WOW Café Theater

Scripts, interviews, photos, and critical commentary documenting the riotous beginnings of this long-lived experimental theater space for women 

Murder Most Queer

The Homicidal Homosexual in the American Theater

A fascinating look at the shifting meanings of murderous gay characters in American theater over a century

Butch Queens Up in Pumps

Gender, Performance, and Ballroom Culture in Detroit

20 years after Paris Is Burning, a rare look at Ballroom culture—from the inside

Acts of Gaiety

LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure

The importance of pleasure, humor, and frivolity in shaping LGBT lives and activism

Performing Queer Latinidad

Dance, Sexuality, Politics

The place of performance in unifying an urban LGBT population of diverse Latin American descent

A Menopausal Gentleman

The Solo Performances of Peggy Shaw

The evocative performances of Peggy Shaw, cross-dressed and class-conscious performance artist

Queering Mestizaje

Transculturation and Performance

Rethinking mestizaje and how it functions as an epistemology of colonialism in diverse sites from Aztlán to Manila, and across a range of cultural materials

Cast Out

Queer Lives in Theater

Memoirs that explore the intertwined connections between theater and queer culture, sexuality, and history

The Gay and Lesbian Theatrical Legacy

A Biographical Dictionary of Major Figures in American Stage History in the Pre-Stonewall Era

Recovers the hidden history of theater professionals who transgressed the gendered expectations of their time

Margaret Webster

A Life in the Theater

A sweeping drama of the life and times of one of America's most innovative woman directors

A Queer Sort of Materialism

Recontextualizing American Theater

An eclectic collection of essays on theater and its decline as highbrow culture, under the influence of theme parks and blockbuster movies

A Problem like Maria

Gender and Sexuality in the American Musical

The Broadway tomboys, rebel nuns, and funny girls, who upset the 1950s gender norms: Mary Martin, Ethel Merman, Julie Andrews, and Barbra Streisand

When Romeo Was a Woman

Charlotte Cushman and Her Circle of Female Spectators

Examines the life of the androgynous nineteenth-century American actress and her work on the Anglo-American stage


Queer Aesthetics and the Performing Subject--A Reader

The complete guide to camp; an anthology of the best writing on its history and current theory in cultural studies and lesbian and gay studies

Passing Performances

Queer Readings of Leading Players in American Theater History

Recovers the hidden history of theater professionals who transgressed gendered expectations of their time