British and Irish Literatures

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Cosmopolitan Love

Utopian Vision in D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang

Analyzes the writing of D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang to envision how love crosses cultural boundaries


The Economy of Colonial Desire

Establishes the homosocial dynamics of colonial desire as evidenced in Orientalist narrative

Latinx Shakespeares

Staging U.S. Intracultural Theater

Investigates more than 140 Latinx-themed productions or adaptations of Shakespeare in the United States

Owning Performance | Performing Ownership

Literary Property and the Eighteenth-Century British Stage

How playwrights, actors, and theater managers vied for control over the performance of popular plays after the passage of England’s first copyright law

Diaphanous Bodies

Ability, Disability, and Modernist Irish Literature

Analyzing the invisible abled body through the work of Joyce, Beckett, Egerton, and Bowen

Everyone’s Theater

Literature and Daily Life in England, 1860–1914

Connects the practices of the professional Victorian stage to the world of the amateur theatricals across England and its empire

Victorian Bestseller

The Life of Dinah Craik

An engaging, rigorously researched biography of popular 19th century novelist Dinah Craik

Mongrel Nation

Diasporic Culture and the Making of Postcolonial Britain

The first cultural history of African, Asian, and Caribbean immigrants to the United Kingdom from 1948 to the present

On the Bullet Train with Emily Brontë

Wuthering Heights in Japan

Reveals how and why Brontë’s novel won a huge following in Japan and has been reimagined by writers and manga artists


A Tale of Two Capitalisms

Sacred Economics in Nineteenth-Century Britain

An interdisciplinary examination of nineteenth-century British capitalism, its architects, and its critics

The Real and the Sacred

Picturing Jesus in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

A cultural history of representations of Jesus in nineteenth-century European and American fiction and visual art

The Sarah Siddons Audio Files

Romanticism and the Lost Voice

Winner of the Barnard Hewitt Award and a Joe A. Callaway Award Honorable Mention

Imagining Adoption

Essays on Literature and Culture

Engaging essays on the theme of adoption as seen in literary works and in writings by adoptees, adoptive parents, and adoption activists

Salome's Modernity

Oscar Wilde and the Aesthetics of Transgression

A study of Oscar Wilde's Salomé in modernist and postmodernist literature and culture

The Lives of Machines

The Industrial Imaginary in Victorian Literature and Culture

Expanded views of the connection between humans and machines in the Victorian era

The Adventures of Philip

On His Way through the World Shewing Who Robbed Him, Who Helped Him, and Who Passed Him by

Thackeray's last completed novel, edited and with commentary by a leading textual scholar

Fictions of Affliction

Physical Disability in Victorian Culture

Reveals the cultural meanings and literary representations of disability in Victorian Britain

Sails of the Herring Fleet

Essays on Beckett

Reflections on Samuel Beckett by renowned director and theorist Herbert Blau

Reflections on Beckett

A Centenary Celebration

Renowned international scholars offer perspectives on one of the world's most challenging playwrights

Reading Adoption

Family and Difference in Fiction and Drama

A literary scholar who is an adult adoptee delves into one of the enduring themes of literature—the child raised by other parents

The Failure of Poetry, The Promise of Language

Brings together four decades of largely unpublished work by Jackson, exploring the rationale for her renunciation of poetry in 1941 after two decades as a poet