Law and Society

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The "Getting to Yes" Guide for ESL Students and Professionals

Principled Negotiation for Non-Native Speakers of English

Guiding non-native speakers of English through the international bestseller’s four-step negotiation method

Biblical Judgments

New Legal Readings in the Hebrew Bible

Analyzes the classical stories of the Hebrew Bible through the lens of modern law

The Fourth Amendment

Original Understandings and Modern Policing

Untangling how the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments have influenced U.S. policing

Democracy and Deliberation

The Law and Politics of Sex Offender Legislation

Balancing law and rights in sex offender legislation

The Truth Machines

Policing, Violence, and Scientific Interrogations in India

Interrogation as a site of state sanctioned torture and violence

Keeping Hold of Justice

Encounters between Law and Colonialism

Colonialism is a structural injustice embedded in law; what possibilities for justice remain?

Punishment and Political Order

An incisive, eminently readable study of the evolving relationship between punishment and social order

Archiving Sovereignty

Law, History, Violence

An account of how courts repeat historical fictions that maintain sources of sovereign power.

Curating Community

Museums, Constitutionalism, and the Taming of the Political

Reconsiders complex questions about how we imagine ourselves and our political communities


Common Law Judging

Subjectivity, Impartiality, and the Making of Law

Moving beyond the subjectivity-objectivity debate, Edlin presents a case for intersubjectivity

The Poverty Law Canon

Exploring the Major Cases

Engaging narratives that move beyond the final opinions of the Supreme Court to reveal the people and stories behind key poverty-law cases of the last 50 years

The Impossible Machine

A Genealogy of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission

A fresh, though counterintuitive, understanding of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s legal, political, and cultural heritage

Intimate Associations

The Law and Culture of American Families

The fluidity of modern families gives adults more personal choices, but it sometimes comes at the price of economic stability and social well-being


In Defense of Stalled Traffic and Faulty Networks

It is possible to imagine a theory of democracy and a constitutional history independent of human subjectivity

Prometheus Reimagined

Technology, Environment, and Law in the Twenty-first Century

A call for a more thoughtful and democratic approach to technology policy and regulation

The Impossible Machine

A Genealogy of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

A fresh, though counterintuitive, understanding of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s legal, political, and cultural heritage

Mrs. Shipley's Ghost

The Right to Travel and Terrorist Watchlists

An engaging exploration of the legal and policy questions surrounding U.S. national security and international travel

Music in American Crime Prevention and Punishment

A critical examination of the ways in which music is understood and exploited in American law enforcement and justice

Brandishing the First Amendment

Commercial Expression in America

How the First Amendment has been aggressively and inappropriately expanded by commercial entities


Political Identity and Tragic Compromise

New analysis of a fundamental concept in politics and law, by a pair of influential and respected scholars

Judges and Unjust Laws

Common Law Constitutionalism and the Foundations of Judicial Review

Are judges legally obligated to enforce an unjust law?

Mark One or More

Civil Rights in Multiracial America

The little-known story of the struggle to include a multiracial category on the U.S. census, and the profound changes it wrought in the American political landscape

Lives of Lawyers Revisited

Transformation and Resilience in the Organizations of Practice

A profound ethnographic analysis of how lawyers understand and respond to sweeping changes in the legal profession