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Political Leadership in Contemporary Japan

A collection of essays capturing the state of leadership in postwar Japan

The Truth Machines

Policing, Violence, and Scientific Interrogations in India

Interrogation as a site of state sanctioned torture and violence

The First Global Prosecutor

Promise and Constraints

Legal scholars and practitioners examine the role of the ICC’s first prosecutor

No Boundaries

Transnational Latino Gangs and American Law Enforcement

An alarming report on Latino crime gangs and the efforts of U.S. law enforcement to contain them

Transformation and Trouble

Crime, Justice and Participation in Democratic South Africa

Explores controversial efforts to reform the criminal justice system in post-apartheid South Africa

Defining Modernity

Guomindang Rhetorics of a New China, 1920–1970

Employs a close analysis of cultural, ideational, and symbolic practices in a reappraisal of Guomindang history

Individual Dignity in Modern Japanese Thought

The Evolution of the Concept of <em>Jinkaku </em>in Moral and Educational Discourse

Traces the development of jinkaku (moral character) in modern Japanese discourse

Local Voices, National Issues

The Impact of Local Initiative in Japanese Policy-Making

Studies in local initiative and center-local relations in Japan

Government and Local Power in Japan, 500-1700

A Study Based on Bizen Province

An influential interpretation of premodern Japanese political and institutional history.

Japan in Crisis

Essays on Taisho Democracy

A classic study of culture and politics in early twentieth-century Japan.

Japan Election Data

The House of Representatives, 1947–1990

Provides voting records by district and individual for every House of Representatives election in Japan since 1947, along with demographic data.

Parties, Candidates, and Voters in Japan

Six Quantitative Studies

A serious and interesting study of Japanese politics and elections.