European Literature

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The Dybbuk Century

The Jewish Play That Possessed the World

How a 100-year-old play about spiritual possession beyond the grave continues to engage and fascinate

Imagining Iberia in English and Castilian Medieval Romance

An innovative comparative study of Middle English and medieval Castilian romance

The Right to Difference

Interculturality and Human Rights in Contemporary German Literature

Develops a theory of intercultural literature to reconcile diversity with traditional notions of German identity

The Philosophy of Parochialism

Originally published as Filosofija Palanke

Available for the first time in English—an essay with important insights on the sources of totalitarianism, intolerance, and racism

Kafka's Zoopoetics

Beyond the Human-Animal Barrier

Traces the dissolution of the boundary between human and other animals in the work of Franz Kafka and, in doing so, radically revisits interspecies relations

Commerce with the Classics

Ancient Books and Renaissance Readers

A distinctive history of the traditions of reading and life in the Renaissance library, as seen in the texts of Renaissance intellectuals

Adoption, Memory, and Cold War Greece

Kid pro quo?

Reveals the history of how 3,000 Greek children were shipped to the United States for adoption in the postwar period

Monstrous Kinds

Body, Space, and Narrative in Renaissance Representations of Disability

Elucidates how Renaissance writers used monstrosity to imagine what we now call disability

The Neapolitan Recipe Collection

Cuoco Napoletano

Feasting as a window into medieval Italian culture

The Real and the Sacred

Picturing Jesus in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

A cultural history of representations of Jesus in nineteenth-century European and American fiction and visual art

Mediating Culture in the Seventeenth-Century German Novel

Eberhard Werner Happel, 1647-1690

A fascinating and exciting reevaluation of the 17th-century novels of Eberhard Happel

New York-Paris

Whitman, Baudelaire, and the Hybrid City

A comparison of the mid-19th-century city in the poetry of Walt Whitman and Charles Baudelaire and their responses to the inescapable push of modernization

The Culture of the Body

Genealogies of Modernity

A cultural history of the evolution of the modern body, as glimpsed at six critical moments

German Literature on the Middle East

Discourses and Practices, 1000-1989

An investigation of Germany and the Middle East through literary sources, in the context of social, economic, and political practices

Thomas Mann's World

Empire, Race, and the Jewish Question

A comprehensive reevaluation of Thomas Mann

Artaud and His Doubles

A radical re-thinking of one of the most canonized figures in theater history, theory, and practice

Listening to Homer

Tradition, Narrative, and Audience

A discussion of how ancient Greek bards ensured that their poetry would reach audiences of various backgrounds

Macaronic Sermons

Bilingualism and Preaching in Late-Medieval England

A fascinating analysis of a language and culture in transition

Mapping Michel Serres

International scholars shed new light on the work of renowned French philosopher Michel Serres

Middle English Dictionary

Plan and Bibliography, 2nd Edition

The final installment of the most important modern reference work for Middle English studies

Dead Lovers

Erotic Bonds and the Study of Premodern Europe

Explores the variety of bonds that are formed between writers and the figure of the dead lover

Myth, Montage, and Visuality in Late Medieval Manuscript Culture

Christine de Pizan's Epistre Othea

A broad multidisciplinary study that uses the Epistre Othea to examine the visual presentation of knowledge

Sublimity and Skepticism in Montaigne and Milton

Boldly investigates the relationship between the sublime as an aesthetic category and the emergence of skepticism as a philosophical problem