Labor, Health, and Educational Economics

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Taking Trade to the Streets

The Lost History of Public Efforts to Shape Globalization

Traces the history of civil society involvement in the international trade debate

The Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia

A Four-Country Comparative Study

Examines the effects of social and economic change on the aging populations of Asia

Slaves to Fashion

Poverty and Abuse in the New Sweatshops

A provocative and accessible history and study of the sweatshop and a major contribution to the debate over its rebirth

Market Dreams

Gender, Class, and Capitalism in the Czech Republic

How have women experienced the transition from socialism to market economy in Eastern Europe?

Are Worker Rights Human Rights?

In a global economy, workers must assert their collective rights as workers in order to win human rights as individuals

Putting Faith in Partnerships

Welfare-to-Work in Four Cities

The first major work to examine welfare-to-work programs and their implications for public policy

Technological Change in Health Care

A Global Analysis of Heart Attack

Illuminates the causes and consequences of technological change in health care in the developed world

Markets and Medicine

The Politics of Health Care Reform in Britain, Germany, and the United States

Explores diverse governmental and institutional solutions to containing health care costs

Squaring Up

Policy Strategies to Raise Women's Incomes in the United States

Offers policy ideas for improving the incomes of American women

Revitalizing Federal Education Research and Development

Improving the R&D Centers, Regional Educational Laboratories, and the "New" OERI

In-depth research that will be unequaled in understanding the formulation of new educational policies in the twenty-first century

The Well-Being of Children and Families

Research and Data Needs

An interdisciplinary examination of how well American families and children are faring at the start of the third millennium

The Pillars of Economic Understanding

Factors and Markets

An authoritative and originally structured view of the history of economics

Swallows and Settlers

The Great Migration from North China to Manchuria

Presents both statistical analysis and the perspectives of individual migrants and their families on one of the largest migrations in the world

Valuing Us All

Feminist Pedagogy and Economics

Argues for making economics classrooms more inclusive through changes in course content and teaching methods

Harvesting Coffee, Bargaining Wages

Rural Labor Markets in Colombia, 1975-1990

A close ethnographic study of how culture, power, gender, and institutions affect labor exchanges

The Economic Consequences of Immigration

Second Edition

Argues convincingly that immigration continues to benefit U.S. natives as well as most developed countries

Wealth, Work, and Health

Innovations in Measurement in the Social Sciences

Explores a multitude of perspectives, problems, and ways of measuring human behavior

Health Benefits at Work

An Economic and Political Analysis of Employment-Based Health Insurance

Who really pays for health benefits? An accessible explanation of the economic theory behind this question

Interests, Ideas, and Deregulation

The Fate of Hospital Rate Setting

Studies the politics of rate-setting as a mechanism for cost containment in health care

The Social Benefits of Education

Measures and examines benefits of education beyond economic effects

Containing Health Care Costs in Japan

A comprehensive picture of costs in Japan's effective and efficient health care system.

The Character of Economic Thought, Economic Characters, and Economic Institutions

Selected Essays by Mark Perlman

A leading economist and pioneering editor presents his writings in and on the discipline

Resource Allocation in Higher Education

Offers guidance for implementing reforms in the allocation of resources in colleges and universities