Thomas Spencer Jerome Lectures (Series)

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Between Sahara and Sea

Africa in the Roman Empire

David Mattingly’s long-awaited book on North Africa and the Romans

Images and Translations

The Etruscans Abroad

A lively journey to meet the Etruscans, one of Europe’s most enigmatic societies, by world-renowned archaeologist Larissa Bonfante

Commerce with the Classics

Ancient Books and Renaissance Readers

A distinctive history of the traditions of reading and life in the Renaissance library, as seen in the texts of Renaissance intellectuals

Speaking Ruins

Piranesi, Architects and Antiquity in Eighteenth-Century Rome

A study of Piranesi's presentation of classical Roman architecture, through drawings and etchings

Discovering the Greek Countryside at Metaponto

Explores one of the earliest and most comprehensive archeological explorations of rural Greece

What Has Athens to Do with Jerusalem?

Timaeus and Genesis in Counterpoint

An important contribution to early Christian studies

Hellenism in Late Antiquity

Studies Hellenism's influence on a predominantly Christian world

Space, Geography, and Politics in the Early Roman Empire

Studies the effect of Rome's geographic worldview on its politics

The Rise and Fall of States According to Greek Authors

A survey of how Greek historians explained the conditions of a state's success and the dangers of power

Roman Voting Assemblies

From the Hannibalic War to the Dictatorship of Caesar

The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus

Examines the imperial mythology that was reflected by Roman art and architecture during the rule of Augustus Caesar

Roman Political Ideas and Practice

Studies Roman politics from the early kings, through the Republic, to the age of dictatorships