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Musics in Motion (Series)

Musics in Motion is a book series on the cultural mobility of music that embraces all times and places. People and musics have always been in motion: migration and diasporic zones incite the performance of ethnicity, they are sites of contest and creolization, of cultural memory, of rituals that sustain displaced populations, and in all of these, music plays a prominent role in embodying community. Our series welcomes projects that cross geographical boundaries, historical eras and disciplines, and look with fresh eyes at how human movement influenced the history of music in every era, and on every continent.
Musics in Motion aims to address a wide array of topics, methodologies, and theoretical approaches to music’s mobility, encouraging monographs produced by music scholars and contributions about musical mobility from allied disciplines, particularly history, linguistics, performance studies, and post-colonial studies.

Series Editors
Kay Kaufman Shelemay, Harvard University, shelemay@fas.harvard.edu
Kate van Orden, Harvard University, vanorden@fas.harvard.edu

To submit proposals or questions, please contact the series editors.

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Transforming Vòdún

Musical Change and Postcolonial Healing in Benin's Jazz and Brass Band Music

How musicians from the West African Republic of Benin transform Benin’s cultural traditions

Echoes of the Great Catastrophe

Re-Sounding Anatolian Greekness in Diaspora

A multi-sited exploration of the musical legacy of the Anatolian Greek diaspora