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Health Policy & Management

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Between HIV Prevention and LGBTI Rights

The Political Economy of Queer Activism in Ghana

Examining the impacts of global development processes and HIV response on queer politics and activism in Ghana

Sensing Health

Bodies, Data, and Digital Health Technologies

An exploration of the experience of “health” in the age of the smart watch

Ohio under COVID

Lessons from America's Heartland in Crisis

The human story of Covid, from America's bellwether state

Principles of Corporate Renewal

3rd Edition

A comprehensive approach to renewing troubled companies

Private Guns, Public Health, New Ed.

New Edition

A new edition of a classic: the first complete picture of the public-health approach to gun violence


Beyond Sputnik

U.S. Science Policy in the Twenty-First Century

A timely introduction to all facets of U.S. national science policy

The Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia

A Four-Country Comparative Study

Examines the effects of social and economic change on the aging populations of Asia

Launching Global Health

The Caribbean Odyssey of the Rockefeller Foundation

An in-depth look at the Rockefeller Foundation's earliest ventures in international health

Fractured Borders

Reading Women's Cancer Literature

Looks at the ways that literary artists have responded to women's cancer through poetry, drama, fiction, autobiography, and environmental writing

Mergers of Teaching Hospitals in Boston, New York, and Northern California

A fascintating look at the difficulties involved in merging health-care institutions

Future Medicine

Ethical Dilemmas, Regulatory Challenges, and Therapeutic Pathways to Health Care and Healing in Human Transformation

A thought-provoking exploration of the future of alternative medicine in the healthcare system

Formative Years

Children's Health in the United States, 1880-2000

Sheds light on the development of the fields of pediatrics and child health during the last century

Suing the Gun Industry

A Battle at the Crossroads of Gun Control and Mass Torts

The first comprehensive analysis of recent lawsuits against gun makers

Dying Inside

The HIV/AIDS Ward at Limestone Prison

A graphic exposé of the inhumane treatment of HIV-positive inmates in U.S. prisons

White Coat, Clenched Fist

The Political Education of an American Physician

A doctor tells his own behind-the-scenes story of the making of a medical man and the disintegration of an American myth

Universal Coverage

The Elusive Quest for National Health Insurance

Examines why the U.S. is the only industrialized nation without universal health insurance coverage

Technology in American Health Care

Policy Directions for Effective Evaluation and Management

Offers health care professionals vital information about risks, benefits, and costs of new medical technologies to help them make informed decisions

Affirmative Action in Medicine

Improving Health Care for Everyone

An important look at how affirmative action in medical training is key to more equitable health care in the United States

Technological Change in Health Care

A Global Analysis of Heart Attack

Illuminates the causes and consequences of technological change in health care in the developed world

Markets and Medicine

The Politics of Health Care Reform in Britain, Germany, and the United States

Explores diverse governmental and institutional solutions to containing health care costs

The Challenge of Regulating Managed Care

A rare insight into the views of major stakeholders in the debate about oversight of the managed-care industry

Health Networks

Can They Be the Solution?

Investigating ways to improve U.S. health care networks

Beyond Complementary Medicine

Legal and Ethical Perspectives on Health Care and Human Evolution

Explores the web of legal, ethical, and regulatory issues surrounding the integration of complementary and alternative medicine into clinical care