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Baseball Fever

Early Baseball in Michigan

This detailed history of early baseball in rural Michigan focuses on the evolution of America's pastime from child's game to organized sport and challenges the notion that baseball's development was strictly an East Coast phenomenon

Animated by Uncertainty

Rugby and the Performance of History in South Africa

Examines the political significance of rugby in South Africa’s post-apartheid present


The UNC Scandal and College Athletics' Amateur Ideal

The Carolina Way and the myth of amateurism

The Best of Bacon

Select Cuts

A treasured collection of timeless pieces written by John U. Bacon—Perfect for fans of any sport in Michigan

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Exploiting College Athletes

A challenge to the present system of college athletics

Africa's World Cup

Critical Reflections on Play, Patriotism, Spectatorship, and Space

A collection of essays reflecting on the 2010 World Cup by noted journalists, academics, and experts

The Supreme Court and the NCAA

The Case for Less Commercialism and More Due Process in College Sports

Porto identifies the Court’s role in shaping college sports and advances a prescription for reform

Michigan Ice Hockey

Celebrating the All-Time Greats and Most Memorable Moments

An intimate look at the people, the traditions, and the lore surrounding the most successful U. S. college hockey program

Skate Life

Re-Imagining White Masculinity

An in-depth look at skateboarding culture by a promising young scholar

M Is for Michigan Football

Celebrating the Tradition of Michigan Football

A collection of photographs, historical facts, and trivia from University of Michigan football

The View from the Dugout

The Journals of Red Rolfe

Edited by William M Anderson
Subjects: Sports

An unparalleled look inside the mind of a major league baseball manager

Football U.

Spectator Sports in the Life of the American University

A balanced look at the use of athletic programs as a tool in "branding" universities and in building community spirit, support, and identity both on campus and off

Blue Ice

The Story of Michigan Hockey

The games, coaches, and players of the University of Michigan's storied hockey program