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Ancient Latin Poetry Books

Materiality and Context

Presents the first comprehensive study of the material aspects of the oldest surviving manuscripts of Latin secular poetry

Ostraka and Other Inscribed Material from Bir Shawish, Small Oasis

Excavation Seasons 2005 and 2007

Detailed insight on writings from a Late Antique settlement in Egypt

Recording Village Life

A Coptic Scribe in Early Islamic Egypt

An engrossing study of literacy and the scribal economy at the village level

Getting Rich in Late Antique Egypt

A nuanced examination that illuminates the Apion estate’s economic structure and addresses how the family was able to generate such wealth

Honor Among Thieves

Craftsmen, Merchants, and Associations in Roman and Late Roman Egypt

A consideration of transaction costs and associations in the ancient world

Materia Magica

The Archaeology of Magic in Roman Egypt, Cyprus, and Spain

Approaches ancient magical practice through archaeology and social history

New Literary Papyri from the Michigan Collection

Mythographic Lyric and a Catalogue of Poetic First Lines

Three new fragments from amongst the oldest Greek papyri

Wine, Wealth, and the State in Late Antique Egypt

The House of Apion at Oxyrhynchus

The economic practices and theory of the Roman Empire, as seen through the lens of the estate of the Flavii Apiones

To Mega Biblion

Book-Ends, End-Titles, and Coronides in Papyri with Hexametric Poetry

Women of Jeme

Lives in a Coptic Town in Late Antique Egypt

Brings to life the women of Jeme, a thriving Christian community in ancient Egypt