Modern Literature

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Down Syndrome Culture

Life Writing, Documentary, and Fiction Film in Iberian and Latin American Contexts

Looking at Down syndrome representation from a global perspective

Ghosts and the Overplus

Reading Poetry in the Twenty-First Century

Celebrating the voices, current and past, that surface in lyric poetry

Women in German Expressionism

Gender, Sexuality, Activism

Literary scholarship questions and challenges the limited and fossilized gender narrative of German Expressionism

How Dark Is My Flower

Yosano Akiko and the Invention of Romantic Love

Explores romantic love in modern Japanese literature through the work of the leading poet in the Myōjō circle

Diaphanous Bodies

Ability, Disability, and Modernist Irish Literature

Analyzing the invisible abled body through the work of Joyce, Beckett, Egerton, and Bowen

Mao Zedong’s “Talks at the Yan’an Conference on Literature and Art”

A Translation of the 1943 Text with Commentary

The complete text of a key work of Mao Zedong, with an examination of its literary, rather than political or historical, implications

Spectral Characters

Genre and Materiality on the Modern Stage

Reimagines modern drama by shining light on the ghostly presences within it

Risk Criticism

Precautionary Reading in an Age of Environmental Uncertainty

Novels, films, theater, poetry, visual art, websites, news reports, and essays give context to environmental risk

Reading for the Planet

Toward a Geomethodology

A critical methodology for dealing with planetarism’s aesthetic and philosophical projections

Tactics of the Human

Experimental Technics in American Fiction

A comparative literary perspective on emerging digital cultures and how the systems-thinking of Post-World War II information and dynamic systems theory have entered into everyday life and lived space, prompting tactical (re)understandings of the human

Hog Butchers, Beggars, and Busboys

Poverty, Labor, and the Making of Modern American Poetry

A new reading of 20th-century poets and their subject matter sheds new light on the development of American literary modernism


American Narrative, Late Globalization, and the New Cultural Imaginary

A study of the emerging cultural model of "cosmodernism"

Still on Call

A prolific, popular writer takes on everything from the 1940s to E. L. Doctorow to blogging

Untimely Interventions

AIDS Writing, Testimonial, and the Rhetoric of Haunting

Explores testimonial writing as it advances a provocative new theory of culture, trauma, genre, and denial

Butterfly, the Bride

Essays on Law, Narrative, and the Family

Uses fiction to enrich our understanding of the law that deals with marriage and the family

The Hopwood Lectures

A selection of Hopwood lectures delivered during ten annual awards ceremony, including work by Charles Baxter, Mary Gordon, Lawrence Kasdan, Susan Stamberg, and others

Cultures of Modernism

Marianne Moore, Mina Loy, and Else Lasker-Schuler

Examines the influences of location on the literary achievements of three modernist women writers

Architexts of Memory

Literature, Science, and Autobiography

Offers a powerful model that uses literature to help fathom the nature of remembrance


Sexual Confessions

Sheds new light on James Joyce's use of sexual motifs as cultural raw materials for Ulysses and other works

Textual Awareness

A Genetic Study of Late Manuscripts by Joyce, Proust, and Mann

Compares the writing processes behind three central works of the modernist canon, revealing fascinating connections between literary and textual criticism

Ezra Pound and China

Explores Ezra Pound's long fascination with Chinese literature and culture

Poetry in the Museums of Modernism

Yeats, Pound, Moore, Stein

How modernist writers experienced the Louvre, the British Museum, and the Museum of Natural History-and how these museums influenced their writing

Dumb Luck

A Novel by Vu Trong Phung

This once banned book is the first colonial-era Vietnamese novel to be translated into English and published in the West

Virtual Lotus

Modern Fiction of Southeast Asia

This winning collection of short stories poignantly illustrates contemporary life in Southeast Asia